Gamer Permabanned by Modding Sites for Replacing Fag Flags with American Flags in Spider-Man

Apparently this is the guy’s channel

I was going to buy this game before I found out about the fag flags. Then I wasn’t going to buy it. Then I found out you can replace the fag flags with US flags. Then I found out people are getting banned from mod sites for replacing the fag flag with the American flag, so I’m back to “no.”

Niche Gamer:

A modder for Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered got attention for his mod that replaces LGBT flags in the game with American Flags.

Not long after the “Non-Newtonian New York” mod was published, it started getting noticed and soon after got pulled from Nexus Mods.

The maker of the Spider-Man Remastered mod was also banned from Nexus Mods, with a rep from the mod portal confirming the user and mod have been removed and banned as they are “no longer welcome on Nexus.”

As with anything of this nature, once the mod was published and users had it – it has since been rehosted numerous times just not on a massive modding community like Nexus Mods.

User responses to the mod itself and its prompt removal varied from “based” to some being upset the mod existed in the first place – and naturally some were upset the mod was pulled as well.

Regardless, the entire debacle once again brings up the debate over not only an owner’s right to a product they own, let alone free speech. Does such a mod that swaps one flag for another fall under protected speech?

To be honest, the game looks pretty faggy even without the fag flags.

They don’t make Spider-Man games like they used to.


This is what should have been the “like they used to” video: