Future Emperor of America Confirmed

The world is yours, King.

Everyone should check out Nick Fuentes’ cozy.tv.

It’s really a reinvigoration of the right-wing audio-visual sphere.

I would say we’re basically experiencing a revival of right-wing content here, folks.

You can turn this site on basically any time of the day and find something on it. It’s a little bit like DLive. You’ve got your top streams on the left, your chat on the right. Very cozy.

Unlike DLive – which was always forcing people to self-censor – you can actually say the n-word. So it’s like pre-2017 YouTube.

If we end up with a pre-2017 Twitter through Elon Musk’s ultra-hostile takeover, it’s going to be like the ye olden days once more. Even if I’m not allowed on Twitter – I probably will be, but even if I’m not – people will be allowed to share links to this site, and to Nick’s site, and once again we’ll be part of the conversation.

In the longer term – here’s the deal: we are facing two different things happening at the same time:

  • The Anal Empire is weakening, and
  • The Anal Empire is becoming unhinged and lashing out.

So, they might do one last hurrah and clamp down on Elon Musk and all of the rest of us as they are in the midst of a collapse. We just need to ride this out for as long as possible, doing all we can to rally the people. Every day that we are not dead or vaxed, we are winning, because we are getting closer to the end of the Anal Empire – at which point, we will finally be able to make some things happen.

Until that collapse comes, all we can do is talk. The more we are able to talk, the better we’re going to be when the end comes.

It’s an interesting thing to imagine Elon Musk and other “””marginal elites””” seizing power as the empire falls. I am ambivalent about that. Musk and the rest of these centrist Silicon Valley people would be a very large improvement over our current Jewish elite. The Silicon Valley people can only appeal to populism, and populism is always going to slouch towards the right.

Overall, I’m very optimistic about the future these days. We’re seeing the empire fail against Russia, and this changes everything about the world. People shouldn’t feel down. Just stay out of the cities, stay close to the land, and keep it natural and normal.

At some point, Nick Fuentes will assume the throne as Emperor of America. It’s inevitable.

Ethan Ralph is on cozy.tv. He is almost always streaming, frankly. He hosted a debate last night between Nick Fuentes and someone called “Counterpoints.” I thought it was the tranny that was called that from a few years ago, but it’s some guy that isn’t even gay, allegedly. It’s in a very long stream.

The debate starts at 9:21 (that’s nine hours and twenty-one minutes!) on this replay. The debate was ostensibly about Russia, but ended up being a bigger debate about the positives and negatives of the Anal Empire and its future.

But there’s a lot of fun stuff going on over at cozy.

The bad things:

  • You can’t make a chat account without a Telegram account
  • There is no podcast feed

However, not having a podcast feed is not so much of a problem, because there is an “audio only” feature that lets you play the shows in the background on a phone – live or replay. So you can play it like a podcast at the gym – if you have wi-fi – and still text or check the news or whatever.

A lot of the shows are zoomer stuff – gaming and just chatting inanely. But Nick’s show is on nightly, as is Ralph’s show – both of which have news and information. Paul Town’s show is very good, he does a lot of Ukraine coverage, which is very good news coverage. Beardson does basically a comedy show. He had me on a couple weeks ago and got swatted (he hasn’t called for a follow-up interview).

It’s a really great community that Nick has built there, which has a lot going on. If you can get a Telegram account with a burner phone or an internet phone number or whatever, the chat is very good (don’t use a real phone number). It’s positive vibes, and can at the very least remind you that there is still good in the world and no good reason to feel completely doomed.

We’re not doomed.

Everything is basically fine.

A lot of people are going to die, surely.

But we’ll all be fine.

It’s totally good.

We are living through a transformation that has to happen.

That’s all.