#FreeAlexJones #SandyHoax #TheJuiceIsLoose #CrisisActors: AJ Only Ordered to Pay $4.2 Million

#FreeAlexJones #SandyHoax #TheJuiceIsLoose

The ruling has come in on the crucifixion of Alex Jones over calling out the Sandy Hoax crisis act as a sham – the jury has gone for a very mild crucifixion.

It might not sound like a huge win that Alex Jones was ordered to pay $4.2 million for exercising his freedom of speech. However, the lawyers for the crisis hoaxers were demanding that Alex pay somewhere between $150 million and $3 billion.

The judgement is probably half of the amount that Alex has spent on lawyers over the last decade fighting off these actors. That is where the big, draining expense really is – it’s in the cost of the attorneys.

I assume Alex is telling the truth about not having any money is his personal bank account or in the Infowars bank accounts, but that is presumably because he moved the money to the accounts of family members and into cryptocurrency. Anyway, he can just do a fundraiser for this amount. It’s very easily doable.

I didn’t expect it to go this way. I thought for sure they would deliver a punishing verdict of a totally unpayable amount. But no. This is effectively a “not guilty” verdict, being less than 1% of what the attackers were demanding.

This is after the entire media demonized Alex and claimed he was an evil monster. It’s after that stupid Mexican bimbo judge kept claiming to the jury he was guilty of a crime he was never convicted of.

There’s a lot more that needs to be said about what happened with Alex Jones. Regardless of the fact he’s basically gotten off, he was technically convicted of calling someone an actor and ordered to pay an amount that no normal person could afford for having exercised basic speech rights. So while this is a victory for Alex personally, and a victory for freedom in that it shows that a jury of his peers were not interested in ruining Alex’s life, it still remains a kind of defeat for our basic speech rights.

It’s also going to be interesting to see what happens to Alex next. Thus far, the “destroy his life through lawfare” was the last action that ZOG needed to take to get someone out of the game. So what are they going to do now? They’re going to have to up the ante.

Alex will probably now be subjected to the same kind of censorship that we’ve suffered here at the Daily Stormer. That means being banned from domain registrars, and possibly having his domains stolen, as well as potentially having to pay tens or hundreds of thousands per month for a non-Cloudflare CDN. He will likely also get banned from normal banking.

It really does say something that the jury in this case wants to dial things back in terms of destroying the lives of people who disagree with the government/media at the same time as the government/media is upping the ante.

However, the next logical thing is for the government to either charge Alex criminally for his speech or to just have him killed. Even if the people on a jury will say this thought control is out of control, they’re not going to do anything to stop it.

People on the left were reveling in the idea of just completely destroying the life of Alex Jones. These tweets were all featured on Huffington Post:

This is the former comedian who got Sam Hyde fired and then tried to get Nick Fuentes and Baked Alaska banned from everything:

“Total debasement” sounds like the name of a cuckold porno – very strange language there, no?

It’s wild to have persons openly bragging about wanting to destroy people’s lives totally over their political beliefs. But you have to understand that this is what these people are – they’re not going to forgive you, they’re not going to be reasonable with you. They would literally laugh if you died.

Anyway, for now – the SPLC guy just posted this:

I don’t think he understands how funny it is to post that without comment like that. Mark Pitcavage, a fat Jew with a patchy beard and receded hairline, claims to be an expert on white supremacy memes, by the way. Just to be clear.

Here’s Alex commenting on the jury’s decision.

Addendum: Daily Reminder: Sandy Hoax was a Crisis Actor Event

I just want to remind everyone that Alex had to say this wasn’t a hoax, or he would’ve had even more trouble. I don’t really blame him for backing down. It is cucking, but you do have to make some compromises sometimes.

But everyone should remember: Sandy Hook was a hoax staged by crisis actors. None of the questions we’ve had have been answered, instead people have been sued in a way that completely violates the First Amendment over a hoax designed to destroy the Second Amendment.

Watch this video:

Those are a whole helluva lot of questions, none of which have been answered, and which you can have your life ruined for asking. Asking if this is a hoax is de facto illegal.

They are saying that it is defamation of the “parents” to call them actors, but none of them have been able to show damages. They haven’t even suggested damages. There is nothing along the lines of “people boycotted my business because Alex Jones said I was an actor.” It is all “I was emotionally disturbed when Alex Jones claimed I was an actor.” This brings into question whether it even amounts to defamation at all, and as an absolute matter, claiming hundreds of millions or billions in “emotional damages” is completely unreasonable. In my view, it is also unreasonable to expect someone to believe that all of these parents, weeping over the bodies of their supposedly dead children, would be obsessed with proving a political point.

Maybe it was all real. If it was, I don’t know why they won’t address any of the issues brought up by conspiracy people. But even if it is all real, this “defamation” hoax is unjustifiable.