France: Town of Montpellier Sees Brown People Having a Major Shootout in Front of Ugly Building!

What they say is that when you play third world games, you win third world prizes.

I guess France likes these games so much that they tolerate the prizes?

Montpellier is a city of 250,000 people, by the way. That’s not even a city. That’s a town.


A furious firefight broke out in the streets of the southern French city of Montpellier on Sunday as two “rival gangs” armed with pistols and rifles clashed with each other. Police said at least one person was injured.

The loud sounds of shooting rocked the north-western La Paillade district of Montpellier on Sunday afternoon as the two gangs seemingly unloaded volleys of handgun and automatic rounds at each other. A dramatic video published on the social media site zooms in on masked gunmen as deafening shots ring out near the Assas Tower – a residential building described as the tallest in the southern French region of Languedoc-Roussillon.

I’m just going to tell you right now – I’m looking at this building.

That building looks like it was built for creatures to fire guns at each other in front of.

Compare that to the historic center of Montpellier that our ancestors built.

We need to think more about what we are doing to our environment.

It might be that we’ve given up on ourselves, which is why these creatures are coming in. Modern buildings indicate that we’ve forgotten who we are and given up on ourselves.

Another video that has surfaced on social media shows a man who had apparently been injured in the gun fight.

A large police force supported by riot control units, paramilitaries, and army units have been deployed to the scene, according to the French media. They secured the area, while the injured person was sent to a hospital under police escort.

The shootout arose from a conflict between two gangs, a police source told local media, with some witnesses claiming the dispute was over a drug deal.

Yes, these brown people love a good drug gang shootout.

Wherever they are on earth, they are big into drugs. Probably, because drugs enable their violence.

You know how “Netflix and chill” is an excuse or a euphemism for sex? It’s the same thing with drug deals for the brown folk. When they say “yeah, I just thought we could do a drug deal,” what they mean is “let’s have a gang shootout.”

They have an evolutionary biology that craves violence, you see. In the same way that the evolutionary biology of white men craves building things.

What is actually incredible is how totally similar all white people’s problems are, everywhere in the world. Even in Russia. Russia doesn’t have the immigration issue, but they have these former colonies with Moslems in them, and the Moslems create virtually all of their domestic issues that aren’t created by Jews, homosexuals and women.

One thing I will say is this: it does bring us together, as White Christians, to share these problems. I have readers in France, in Germany, and of course our English-speaking cousins in the UK and the rest of the diaspora, and we are all on the same page, coming to the same conclusions about the same problems.

In actual fact, the Daily Stormer is one of the most international websites of all, which is one of the reasons it has been so heavily and consistently attacked.

This is the key: if one of our countries solved these problems, it would trigger a chain reaction. That is why the entirety of international Jewry put so much pressure on Greece when the Golden Dawn party was on the verge of actually potentially taking over the state. Greece isn’t a relevant country economically or even culturally, due to the size of their population, but if they started clearing out the brown people and the rest of the world saw it, everyone would say, “hey, we could do that too!”

This is also why the West is pouring however many billions into making sure that sluts go ape in Poland: they know that we are separated by borders and languages, but we are also connected in spirit and identity by our genetics and by Our Lord.

That should also be encouraging: we don’t all have to win. Only one white country has to win, and then we all tag along. Sadly, all of this nightmare is coming from the United States, and if the United States does fall, countries will no longer be feeling this outside pressure, and will start making their own decisions about how they are run.

We can call this: The Big Win-Win.

We are all on-board for it.