France: Politicians Want to “Desegregate” Toy Aisles

Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

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France is hoping that toy manufacturers and retailers will adopt new protocols for ‘desegregating’ toys, in an effort to protect young boys and girls from gender stereotypes. Just in time to celebrate gender neutral Christmas?

Two senior French officials, Adrien Taquet, the secretary of state for child protection, and Agnes Pannier-Runacher, secretary of state for economy and finance, have unveiled a ‘charter of voluntarily commitments’ aimed at putting an end to gendered toys and all the pain and suffering that they bring.

I can think of a lot of better things you could do for the kids in France…

…like not flooding their home with semihumans who want to kill them.

But that would be racist, so we gotta do something about those toys.

The charter calls on manufacturers, distributors, and advertisers to do away with color schemes, labeling, and shelving arrangements which might keep children from enjoying toys of all varieties. According to local reports, sellers will even be instructed to inquire about the age of a child, not his or her gender, when helping a customer find an appropriate toy.

I don’t suppose any of these geniuses ever stopped to consider that all these things exist purely to help customers find what they’re looking for faster – which in the vast majority of cases will be “stereotypical” toys.

Authorities claim that the initiative is necessary because science-themed toys are marketed for boys, while girls are encouraged to play with trinkets which mimic domestic life.

For now, the charter appears to be completely voluntary – but toy manufacturers have already signaled that they’re ready and willing to hop on the ‘woke train’. Earlier in September, Hasbro announced a new iteration of its classic board game Monopoly, in which women would receive more money than men when passing ‘Go’. The company said the new rule “creates a world where women have an advantage often enjoyed by men.”

Yes goyim, we need more womyn in science because… It’s unclear why, but we do.

And I’m sure things like this will just become mandatory (and far worse).

When I have kids, all they’re getting are anime, video games (selected by me, of course) and toy robots from Japan. It’s the only way to raise kids these days.

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