France: Greek Priest Shot as Cartoon War Heats Up!

Remember: no price is too high to pay for Muhammed Cartoons.


A manhunt is underway in the French city of Lyon, where a gunman shot and injured a Greek Orthodox priest at a church and then fled the scene.

The French Interior Ministry has described in an alert on Twitter an “ongoing situation” in the Place Jean-Macé area in the 7th arrondissement of Lyon. Security forces have been deployed at the scene, it said. The public has been told to avoid the area and follow instructions from the authorities.

Remember: this is about free speech.

No wait, actually, you go to prison for making fun of the Jews in France, so this isn’t about free speech.

However, it is about the specific importance of mocking the religion of Moslems for some reason. But also, we have to allow tens of millions of them to live in Europe and America, even though we aggressively mock them on principle as backward savages.

Remember: just because someone is a backward savage who deserves to have his most sacred beliefs relentlessly mocked, it doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t live in your country on welfare. Because after all, they’re better than you, because they have brown skin, even if they are stupid, pathetic savages who can’t take a joke.

That’s just the facts.

It’s our values.

Now: put that in your mod and vape it, racist.