Fox News and Florida Republican Call for Massive War Against Russia

That British guy on Fox Business interviewed the neocon lunatic Mike Waltz, Republican of Florida, and they agreed on total war against Russia.

Waltz said that the European energy crisis is one reason we really need to go all-out with a full war. The energy prices are the result of sanctions, so it’s not clear how pushing Russia out of the Ukraine would help that situation. Unless, of course, he is saying that he’s going to overthrow the government of Russia and install a friendly regime that he will feel comfortable buying energy from.

Fox News, a Jewish website that supports the anal Ukraine state, posted this picture of Putin. These Jews go through and find bad pictures of you – this is how they do you.

It is truly bizarre that Republicans and Democrats ostensibly disagree about everything, and yet somehow agree that we must spread our confusion across the planet.

Then, these people have the nerve to go out there and say all this total war stuff, and claim that we are not actually at war with Russia.

Both sides are escalating now.

This could turn into a really big problem.