Fourth Colorful Found Competent to Stand Trial for Murdering White Man During Home Invasion

Anthony Harris II.

Obviously, he’s not competent to stand trial – look at him! He’s a 75 IQ humanzee, just like the other three!

We don’t put wild animals on trial when they kill a human – we just put them down.

It should be the same with blacks and browns.

Kenosha News:

Anthony Harris II was found competent Tuesday to stand trial for the shooting death of Salem Lakes resident Joseph Riley.

Harris, 24, of Racine, is one of four people charged in the home invasion homicide at Riley’s home last November.

At a hearing Tuesday, attorneys for the defense and state agreed that a psychiatrist’s evaluation of Harris found that he was mentally competent to stand trial.

He is now scheduled to go to trial Jan. 21.

Also charged with Riley’s murder are Markeith Wilson, 20, Demarco Hudson, 19, and Augustine Sanchez, 21, all of Racine.

Left to right: Markeith Wilson, Demarco Hudson and Augustine Sanchez.

The four men are alleged to have targeted Riley for a robbery, three of the men allegedly breaking into his home.

When Riley grabbed a gun, he and the men exchanged fire. Riley was killed and a friend at his home was critically injured.

Hudson and Wilson were both shot in the exchange of gunfire.

Joseph Riley.