Florida: Nude Black Man Tosses Partially Nude Black Woman from Car, Shoots Her in the Head

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New York Post:

A disturbing video shows a naked Florida insurance agent shoving a partially clothed woman out of a car before fatally shooting her in the head and driving off.

The footage allegedly shows fully nude 43-year-old Ron Donaldson, a military veteran who worked as a field trainer with Banker’s Life, shoving Wendy Daniel, 25, out of his vehicle and into a fence before shooting her.

Daniel can be seen slumping over as Donaldson — a suspect in at least five rapes in the Miami area — leaves the scene, according to Local 10 News.

“I hope the man that killed her dies and goes to hell!” the victim’s mother, Tiffany Williams, told the outlet.

“He didn’t have to do my daughter or no other girl like he has done in the past. And I hope he gets consecutive life sentences and I hope he dies! I hope somebody kills him!”

Aided by the surveillance footage from the alley, police tracked Donaldson down to his Miami Beach apartment the following day and arrested him.

Police did not immediately disclose a motive behind the apparent murder or how Daniel and her suspected killer knew each other.

Donaldson — who has no prior criminal history — had worked at Banker’s Life in North Miami for eight years, according to his LinkedIn profile.

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