Florida Man Fired from Insurance Company for Anti-Mask Rant

Now, coronavirus is in the same league as racism.

You lose your job if you don’t do what these people tell you to do.

CBS News:

A Florida man has been fired from his job as an insurance agent after his videotaped tirade when asked to wear a face mask at a Costco Wholesale store drew a massive audience on social media.

The video posted Monday on Twitter shows a man wearing flip-flops and a red T-shirt emblazoned with “Running the world since 1776” shouting in the store after reportedly being asked why he was not wearing a face covering, as required at all Costco locations.

Screaming “I feel threatened,” “back off,” and worse, the man lurched in a menacing manner towards an employee who came to the aid of an elderly woman who had asked about his lack of a face covering.

The incident at a Fort Myers Costco occurred June 26, and involved a man later identified by multiple news outlets as Daniel Maples, an insurance agent for Ted Todd Insurance.

Billy Corben, a Miami film maker who posted the video, said one of the customers who drew Maples’s wrath credited Costco for escorting Maples out of the store and ensuring he’d left before helping the elderly customer to her car.

The insurance company soon posted its own tweet, disavowing the behavior shown in the videotape and saying the “former employee” had been fired.

This insurance company’s company values are, “do as you’re told, goyim filth.”

If the Republicans were worth half a shit at all, they would have passed laws protecting people from getting fired for political reasons. Europe has these laws. In Europe, you might get arrested for saying something racist, but after you pay your fine your job is still waiting for you.

Never forget that the Republicans controlled the House and Senate for two years and did nothing at all. There were so many basic, practical things – like the thing I just said – that these people could have done and they didn’t. Because they are utterly worthless.

We could have predicted that they would side with the black mob against us, based on their records.

I wish the Steve Bannon agenda to primary these people would have worked. That was a good and solid agenda.