Fertility Expert Urges Women to Stop Looking for “Mr. Right” and to Have Kids with “Mr. Good Enough”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2019

If women want to have kids, they have to stop living in denial of Time and account for their fleeting beauty and fertility.

Reminding them that they have a limited time window to become mothers is always a good thing.

Daily Mail:

When it comes to having children, a fertility expert says women should stop looking for Mr Right and settle for ‘Mr Good Enough’.

Those who hang on too long, waiting for the ideal father, may run out of time to have a baby, according to consultant gynaecologist Dr Meenakshi Choudhary.

Dr Choudhary spoke after presenting a talk on IVF at the Ovarian Club’s annual meeting in Paris.

Dr Choudhary, of Newcastle Fertility Centre, said: ‘It is a myth that women leave it later to have a child until they have climbed the career ladder, with studies showing it is much more likely to be because they have not met Mr Right.

‘I would advise women not to wait for Mr Right but to go for Mr Good Enough if they want to have children.’

If you ask some random slut why she’s not a mother after spending 30 years on this planet while not really having much of a career, she’s likely to babble incoherently about how men are not good enough and how she’s actually a great future mom because she’s looking for the best man ever to become the father of her kids.

You see, it’s because they haven’t found Mr. Right, not because they enjoy being sluts and doing all kinds of degenerate “sexual” acts with random men and random objects.

It’s not just fertility that women should take into account. Their fleeting beauty is also a critical factor to consider.

Even if they could remain fertile deep into their 30s and beyond, forming a family at such an advanced age won’t be as satisfying as doing so when they’re young and pretty.

Their youth and beauty are their most important currencies when determining the kind of men they can afford. Teenage women who aren’t fat can afford to attract higher quality men. In contrast, men interested in women who are in their late 30s or 40s are simply trying to take whatever they can get.

Trying to get a hold of anything.

Women can use their youth to pay for the commitment of a man who they’ll love to form a family with or they can waste it Finding Themselves.

Happiness or Despair, the choice is theirs.