Female Sprinters Complain That New Starting Block Cameras Show Them from Intimate Angles

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 1, 2019


These cameras are making women uncomfortable, and women are not supposed to feel uncomfortable.

Daily Mail:

Female athletes have reacted angrily to new close-up cameras at the World Athletics Championships which they say show their bodies from intimate angles.

The miniature cameras within the athletes’ starting blocks are meant to ‘capture the intense moment just before a race’.

But women say the camera makes them uncomfortable as they have to climb over it in the moments before a race.

One German athlete, sprinter Gina Lückenkemper, told Bild: ‘Was a woman involved in developing this camera? I don’t think so.’  

Yeah, I don’t think so either. Women developing cameras?

Women inventing stuff?

One would assume that women (who constantly carry around tiny cameras in their pockets everywhere they go to take dozens upon dozens of pictures of themselves doing the same face and pose until they get it right) would be comfortable around cameras.

But one would be mistaken, because for the same reasons they wear makeup, women hate being caught on cameras they can’t control.

She went on: ‘I find it very uncomfortable climbing over this camera in skimpy running clothes to go to the starting block.’

Tatjana Pinto, another German competitor at the championships in Doha this week, has also complained about the new cameras.

They don’t find it very uncomfortable to walk around in skimpy clothes anywhere else though.


As a result, German athletics bosses have demanded that the footage only be displayed once the runners are already on the starting blocks.

In addition, the camera footage will be deleted every day, the German authorities have been reassured.

Governing body IAAF heralded the ‘innovative’ new camera angle when they announced its introduction earlier this month.

Athletics fans around the globe will be closer to the action than ever before,’ they promised.

One IAAF official apparently felt that felt ‘audience was missing a crucial moment of the drama by not being able to see the athletes’ faces at the start of sprint race’.

The new cameras within the blocks will capture that intense moment just before a race,’ IAAF broadcast director James Lord explained.

Women’s sports are boring. Nothing interesting ever happens, so they have to be creative and think of “innovative” ways to get people to watch them.

Who cares which one wins? They’re women!

They’re supposed to be making babies with their baby factory thing, which is the ONE THING that they and only they can do.