FBI Investigating Road Warriors Who Thwarted Biden in Texas as Trump Defends!

It is simply a matter of total fact that the drivers who hassled Joe Biden on the road in Texas were doing nothing other than having a laugh.

But somehow, the FBI has announced that they are investigating this as some kind of criminal conspiracy.

The fact that the FBI even announced that they were investigating this as criminal proves that the FBI is a hostile and Jewish organization attempting to destroy America.

Even the sleazy wetback Marco Rubio admitted that this was funny.

Donald Trump has called bullshit on this whole thing. He is standing with the people of Texas who drove out Joe Biden.

He’s also apparently saying that they’re not being investigated (although he obviously doesn’t have control over the FBI).

The fact that Joe Biden literally canceled his event after this shows that he is now only trying to appeal to women. He looked like such an absolute coward canceling because he’s so afraid of Texans. It was the equivalent of getting run out of town on a rail.

He is literally out there whining about how those people were mean to him.

He literally said: “We are so much better than this. It’s not who we are. And we’ve got to change it.”

But women see that and say, “oh my God, poor Joe, those men were so mean to him – someone needs to help him with niceness and protect him from those mean, bad men!”

Most women say that.

But not all women say that.