FBI Cutting Child Raping Files to Focus on White Terrorism

“Child abuse” is one of the only crimes that is potentially real that the FBI deals with. It’s usually not real, but it could be. For example, because child pornography crosses state lines, the FBI handles that.

According to Congressman Jim Jordan, the FBI is now cutting their programs to fight child abuse. Appearing on Tucker Carlson Monday Night, Jordan said that the FBI now forwards complaints to local law enforcement. According to Jordan, they are now devoting all of their resources to trying to hunt down white people and accuse them of terrorism.

We all know that the singular focus of the FBI is crushing white people. It’s funny that they would drop the one thing that people thought was useful – hunting the perverts.

The FBI is saying that local law enforcement can do the pervert-hunting. So there is literally no purpose for this organization. Everything they do that matters can be handled by local law enforcement. They are now refusing to do anything other than political witch hunts, proving that they weren’t doing anything useful to begin with.