Fauci Says 2020 Restrictions Should Have Been Harsher Because Healthy People are a Threat

The latest preview for Coronavirus Hoax Season 2 just dropped.

Despite rumors to the contrary, it looks like Anthony Fauci is keeping his starring role.

New York Post:

Dr. Anthony Fauci argued on The Hill’s “Rising” show that there should have been “more stringent restrictions” for asymptomatic people in 2020.

On Monday, Fauci appeared on the program to discuss the approach to the BA.5 subvariant of the coronavirus. The conversation quickly turned to the past approaches to COVID-19 and whether he would have acted differently.

If I knew in 2020, what I know now, we would do a lot differently because back then we were not sure of a number of things,” Fauci said.

Among other things, he also said that there should have been further restrictions and mask requirements to counter the coronavirus in 2020.

We know now, two and a half years later, that anywhere from 50 to 60 percent of the transmission occur from someone without symptoms, either someone who never will get symptoms or someone who is in the pre-symptomatic stage,” Fauci said.

“Had we known that then, the insidious nature of spread in the community would have been much more of an alarm and there would have been much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy, encouraging people to wear masks, physical distancing or what have you,” he continued.

He said on the same show: “I didn’t recommend locking anything down.”

What does that even mean? This guy is like a wizard or a Sith Lord. But like, a fake one. Everyone remembers he recommended locking everything down, and he is saying right now that he did that. He’s trying to do some word game where it was actually the CDC that did it, so it’s not his fault, but also it was good, and it should have been even more extreme, actually.

Also: everyone knows that Fauci said asymptomatic transmission is impossible. Elvis didn’t include that clip. I guess we all remember it.

Should I try to find the clip?

Hold on, I’m gonna try to find the clip.

Here it is. It was January of 2020. He said “in all of history of respiratory born viruses…”

Everything is pointing at season 2.

I’ve watched the media long enough to know this. This is what they do. They start the hype machine. This is the hype machine, ramping up.


Anyway, public opinion means nothing. So there’s nothing we can do. There is still a standing army of hoax-lovers ready to ramp back up. All those women who want to tell people what to do, to play hall monitor. They are ready for deployment.

Yes, I was wrong about 21-22. But I couldn’t have predicted the way they tried to manage the war with Russia. I was right about the fact that there was simply no way they were going to just stop hoaxing you with viruses when a virus hoax gives them ultimate power to make anyone do anything.

Also, in order to believe that Covid could end, you would have to believe it was real in the first place, which means you’re a retard.