Fat Jew Criminal Bizarrely Claims January 6 is Causing Inflation

Wait, what?

The fat Jewish Wall Street criminal looter Larry Summers was being celebrated throughout the media for having predicted inflation – over a year after I predicted it. He said in early 2021 that inflation would result from money printing related to “Covid.” Which I said a year earlier, I might remind you.

Here are all my quotes a year before Larry’s: Wow, That is Really Amazing That Larry Summers was Able to Predict Inflation in Early 2021

Anyway, the media made him into the kind of “inflation magician guy” because he disagreed with Janet Yellen that printing trillions upon trillions of dollars (probably $15-20 trillion, though they keep saying $10 trillion) would cause inflation.

Now he is saying…


Economist Larry Summers, an adviser to two Democrat presidents and treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, has found a new culprit behind America’s inflation crisis: Republicans who downplay the severity of the January 2021 US Capitol riot.

I think the banana Republicans who are saying that what happened on January 6 was nothing or OK are undermining the basic credibility of our country’s institutions,” Summers said on Sunday in a CNN interview. “And that, in turn, feeds through for inflation. Because if you can’t trust the country’s government, why should you trust its money?

Good question, Mr. Jew.

Democrats have hyped the riot as a racially motivated “insurrection” and blamed former President Donald Trump for allegedly inciting election-fraud protesters to block the peaceful transfer of power. The Democrat-controlled Congress began broadcasting hearings about the riot last Thursday, packaged for a primetime television audience with the help of former ABC News executive James Goldston.

Summers, who was director of the National Economic Council under then-President Barack Obama, called for greater civility in Washington to help restore public confidence in the government. “I think it’s terribly important that we take the temperature down in Washington, that we recognize behavior that’s just out-of-bounds of reasonable and decency,” he said.

So the solution to inflation is… a crackdown on the goyim?

Wow, what a really shocking solution.

This is just utter gibberish. It makes no sense at all, and even if you don’t have an understanding of why it doesn’t make sense, you can just look at the facts. There was insane confidence in the stock market long past January 6. Also, every single poll has shown that not even Democrats care about January 6.

But the basic claim of “if people don’t have trust in the government’s institutions they won’t trust its money” is dumb on like 79 different levels. Firstly, that is just wrong on its face. Secondly, even if it was true, there is no reason that people not having faith in a monetary system would cause inflation. If anything, it is going to lead to more spending on assets, which should contribute to lowering inflation on consumer goods.

Larry was right the first time, when he copied off me a year later: inflation is caused by making the money printer go brrr. It’s not more complicated than that. Larry Summers is one of the world’s greasiest Jews, but he’s not stupid. Someone put him up to going out there and saying this in order to try feebly to increase the hype around the January 6 nonsense, which is suffering from a terminal lack of hype, despite the hype machine going into hype mode beyond anything humans have ever witnessed.