Fat Bitch from CNN Attacks Biden for Using the Marines in His Hate Speech

Brianna the Cupcake Bandit

Honestly, I didn’t think much about the Marines behind Brandon during his hate speech. I guess at this point, I’m pretty used to the government threatening to kill me.

A liberal fat bitch on CNN pointed out that this sends a really gross message. Her name is literally “Brianna.”

I guess I agree with the sentiment, but it’s kind of like “where have you been?” The Democrats have been threatening to use extreme violent force against the political opposition since they’ve taken power.

Tucker Carlson also noted the Marines and called the color scheme “Nazi red.”

I’m as tired as anyone of right-wingers comparing leftists to Nazis. But he does sort of have a point. Adolf Hitler knew that Germany was going to war again – or at least going to have to violently defend themselves – which is why he used a militant aesthetic, and the red of the swastika flag was part of that. Communists also use red to invoke militancy.

It’s a psychological thing. Red invokes blood, and intensity more generally (along with militant political movements, brothels also use a lot of red).

Everything about the presentation, including Biden’s anger, would imply he was declaring war on a foreign country.

I have no idea if CNN people are being directly told to moderate their message by the new management, but that seems like what this is. You don’t really see CNN people criticizing Joe Biden, and this is a relatively minor thing in the scheme of things. Yes, it is unprecedented for a president to give a speech about domestic enemies with Marines standing behind him, but a better point would be that it is unprecedented for a president to give a speech about domestic enemies at all.

But again, there have been years of this language implying a need to violently crush opposition to the Democrat Party. It’s not at all some new thing that just popped up Thursday night. I think a much more interesting angle to this is that the Democrats are now defending “law enforcement” and claiming that Republicans present a radical threat to the cops.

People on Twitter are having a meltdown, and are apparently incapable of understanding that there is a difference between a president giving a political speech and giving a non-political speech.

Here’s some vax/Ukraine flag Jew saying Trump also gave a speech using Marines.

But there is no political speech you will find where Trump had Marines, let alone one where he claimed Democrat voters were a violent threat to America and need to be dealt with.

Trump also never would have done that nighttime outdoors speech with the red background, because it just looked tacky.