Fake News: NYT Falsely Claims Failed Democrat Losers Winning in Polls

The Democrats are not winning in any real polls.

The New York Times – which is fake news from real Jews – is going to keep claiming this up through the election in order to explain away voter fraud.

If they published real polls, then people would clearly see it was fraud when the Democrats “won.”

New York Times:

Even as they struggle to persuade voters that they should be trusted on the economy, Democrats remain unexpectedly competitive in the battle for Congress as the sprint to November’s midterm election begins, a New York Times/Siena College poll has found.

The surprising Democratic strength has been bolstered by falling gas prices and President Joe Biden’s success at breaking through legislative gridlock in Washington to pass his agenda. That shift in political momentum has helped boost, in just two months, the president’s approval rating by 9 percentage points and doubled the share of Americans who believe the country is on the right track.

But Democrats are also benefiting from factors over which they had little control: the public outcry in response to the Supreme Court’s overturning of federal abortion rights and the return of former President Donald Trump to an attention-commanding presence on the national stage.

Overall, 46% of registered voters say they back the Democratic candidate for Congress in their district, compared with 44% for Republicans — a difference well within the survey’s margin of error. The findings are similar to those from the last Times/Siena poll in July, when voters preferred, by just 1 percentage point, Democratic to Republican control of Congress.

Yet the fundamentals of the race — high inflation, an uncertain economy and an unpopular president — remain challenging for Democrats. The national mood, while brighter than earlier in the summer, remains gloomy. Republicans still score higher on some social issues, including illegal immigration. And the president’s approval rating is still just 42%— as weak as or weaker than the ratings of every president whose party went on to lose control of Congress in midterm elections, going back to 1978.

It’s more than out-of-control inflation and a hated fake president.

Literally everything has gone off the rails since Brandon took over. There is nothing that has not gotten worse. The border is out of control, the economy is literally in a state of collapse, we are now at war with Russia and apparently China, everyone is being attacked by the blacks on the streets and Brandon is letting all of the black criminals out of prison, children are being forcibly turned into homosexual by government schools, and on and on.

The NYT can’t point to a single thing that hasn’t gotten worse.

This morning I watched a PBS show hosted by the fat black woman from Amazon’s “Dem Rangs,” and some Jew claimed that Biden is the most successful president in history.

Actually, it might have been that fat Jew Michael Gerson on this PBS show.

I don’t even remember. I don’t recommend watching either, frankly. Unless you for some reason don’t know how bad this is, in which case just flip through either clip and you’ll find out.

From my experience this morning, all TV (aside from a couple things on Fox News) could just be Hypnotoad saying “the government is good” all day, forever.

“Ignore your lying eyes.”

“Pay no attention the the fact that everything was fine when bad orange man was in charge, and instead focus on the fact that this nightmare that is now your life is just a matter of opinion.”

Are Democrats Doing Better Because of the Abortion Ruling?

Yes, I would assume that the overturn of Roe v. Wade has had a positive effect on Democrat voter enthusiasm.

I would say though that even more so, Lindsey Graham coming out and saying he wants a federal abortion ban has helped them. Why would he say that? It can’t pass, and it isn’t even what Republicans are saying they want.

It can only serve to help the Democrats in the midterms. There is no other reason that faggot would have come out and said this.

The narrative was that the Republicans wanted states to have a choice, which everyone supports. Then he goes out there and says this.

In the long run, I would definitely want a national ban on abortion – but that is the kind of thing you would only start talking about if you could make it happen. You don’t just throw it out there to create fodder for election fraudsters.