Fake Fed Rally at the Capitol Fails

The feds tried to trick people into going back to the Capitol on Saturday, but no one showed up.

The media is claiming that it shows that the right doesn’t have any support, or that they’re paranoid and delusional that they think the feds would set them up a second time in a row.

Donald Trump himself told people not to go, saying it was a setup.

I don’t know who the organizer is, or what he was even alleging to be doing, other than creating a mess.

But there were definitely not enough attendees for a mess.

There was an obvious bunch of feds that showed up.

People made some memes.

As I’ve tried to say since the January 6 event: there is no organization path here.

There is no possible way you’re going to get anything done politically.

The Democrats now have total and complete, brutal control over the government, and they can do whatever they want to anyone.

The only thing that any single person can do is try to stay alive, as whatever is going to happen happens.