Fake Afghan President Fled with Huge Sacks of Cash

Where did the cash come from, I wonder?

Hint: it wasn’t from the Afghani taxpayer.


The Western-backed former Afghan leader, Ashraf Ghani, departed his country with so much money that it couldn’t all fit on his helicopter, and he was forced to leave some cash at the airport, the Russian Embassy in Kabul has said.

Speaking to RIA Novosti, its spokesman Nikita Ishchenko dubbed Ghani’s escape an “eloquent characterization” of the fall of the “regime.”

“Four cars were stuffed with money. [They] tried to fit all the money on the helicopter, but not all of it fit. Some of the money was left lying on the tarmac,” he explained, without elaborating how he obtained the information.

This news being made public is further humiliation of the Western system: no one in Afghanistan supported it because they really believe in true democracy values and really want women to rule over them.

They did it for the money.

All of which was provided them by the American taxpayer, mind you.

To help you visualize, this is $150 million:

Four cars stuffed with $100 bills would probably be $250 million or so.

Of course, that is only a fraction of the amount that the Jews pumped out of my country on the basis of the claim that they were going to establish a full-anal democracy run by women in Afghanistan.

The basic estimate of the cost of the war tends to run around $2.26 trillion.

Seeing them fail is almost worth $2.26 trillion.

But, you know – not quite.

Probably, I’d preferred if that money would have been spend repatriating the blacks back to Africa, which I’ve estimated should only cost $600 billion – without needing to fire a shot or harm a pube on a burrhead.

You’d have enough left over for a full socialized medicine program and free college for everyone, along with enough to rehab every Holocaust memorial in America as an Adolf Hitler Accomplishment Center.

But, I wasn’t given that option.

So, as it is – I’m happy just seeing ZOG lose this badly.