Every Democrat Said “Defund the Police”

Since this massive spike in violent crime across the country, I’ve seen Democrats saying that “defund the police” was a fringe movement. Brandon had the nerve to go out there and say he wants more police and no one ever said to defund the police.

This montage of clips, mostly from 2020, is a reminder of how much these people just lie about everything.

This is what they said.

They all said “defund the police,” and many of them said outright that there shouldn’t be any police at all.

Unfortunately, this is not 1990s Denmark, and what “defund the police” means is “black people should be allowed to victimize whoever they want.”

At the same time of course, the Democrats go out there and talk about how sacred and holy the FBI and CIA are. They are right now calling people who say the FBI should be defunded “extremists.”

What does the FBI even do? How many terrorist attacks have they stopped? As far as I can tell, they’ve stopped many fewer terrorist attacks than they have instigated.

The Democrats also just added 87,000 IRS agents, some portion of which are armed fed cops.

This is from earlier this week (just at least watch the beginning – MSNBC says the police are under “unprecedented attacks from Republicans”):

That’s from earlier this week. In the speech they are talking about, Biden said that cops were killed on 1/6, which is a lie.

He said that police are simply “carrying out the law and doing their job.”

They are going back to supporting the police because the police are going to do the crackdown.

It’s all just nonsense. Trying to make any sense of what they are saying will only lead to madness.

There is only one valid description of these people: they are our values of who we are in a democracy.

I don’t know what that means, they don’t know what that means, and that’s the point.

The American left is nothing but a thinly veiled movement of pure malevolent destruction.