Evangelical Judeo-Christians: These People are Sick

Every time these evangelical “Judeo-Christians” come out to praise the sickening baby-killing Jews, I have flashbacks to my childhood when “blessing Israel” was all the rage.

Of course, at the time I didn’t know anything about the Jews and Israel. All I knew was that these were very self-righteous, self-centered, rude, decadent, perverse, vulgarly superstitious, and most of all arrogant people who really, really loved Jews.

As a child and as a teenager, these people repelled me from Christianity.

As an adult, I understand that these people are hollowed out shells, fake human beings who have defiled the ancient and perfect religion of Christianity with their filth and sin.

Jerusalem Post:

Tens of millions of Evangelical Christiansare expected to pray for Israel in their churches on Sunday in response to the barrage of rocket attacks aimed at the country by Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“Like usual, in a nanosecond, millions of Evangelicals activated, beginning with their leaders,” Rev. Johnnie Moore, who helped organize former US president Donald Trump’s Evangelical advisory board in 2016 told The Jerusalem Post. “Evangelicals pressed pause on their lives to defend the State of Israel and the Jewish people against Hamas terrorists and their Iranian backers. Our community pushed back online in response to the disinformation coming from the terrorists, reached out to politicians obsessively, and this weekend tens of millions will pray for Israel in their churches.”

You have to wonder: who are they praying to?

It certainly isn’t to Jesus.

They are having these religious ceremonies, they are dancing around and waving their hands while worshiping the people who killed our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

This thing with the music playing and the eyes closed, the hands in the air is an ecstasy ritual of the kind you would have found in Africa thousands of years ago.

This is a photograph of Judeo-Christians doing the ritual while on a religious vacation in Israel:

It certainly looks satanic.

So: who are they praying to? 

You go down that road of thought, and things get very dark.

Indeed, across Twitter and Facebook, scores of posts by Christian leaders could be found calling for an end to Hamas aggression and for President Joe Biden to demonstrate more vocal support for the State of Israel.

Meanwhile, Twitter and Facebook are engaged in a campaign to censor the pictures of dead babies killed by Jews that people are posting.

For some reason, the companies that helped rig the election, then flatly banned anyone discussing the election fraud, find themselves on the side of “conservative” Jew-lovers.

“Israel needs Christian support more than ever,” said Pastor Jentezen Franklin. “Today is not the day to watch our televisions and shake our heads. Today is the day for each of us to do everything in our power to bring peace, security and stability to the Holy Land. We have to remember the power we have in prayer, the power we have in giving, and the power we have politically.”



He understands Christianity better than all of the Saints combined, which is why he’s able to throw out two thousand years of Christian history and replace it with a satanic doctrine.

Many Evangelicals disseminated releases to the media, too.

As Christians, we support the people of Israel because they are God’s chosen,” wrote Jason Yates, CEO of My Faith Votes, in a release. “As Americans, we celebrate the State of Israel as an ally and the only democracy in the Middle East… We call on President Biden to publicly stand with Israel without equivocation and make his position clear – the United States will not tolerate terrorism in any form, domestic or abroad.”

This really is flashback central.

I feel like I need to put on a pair of JNCOs and listen to an REM cassette tape.

How do these people still exist?

Similarly, Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, stressed that “there is no moral equivalency between the actions of the terrorists in the Gaza Strip and the democratic State of Israel defending its citizens” in response to statements made by the White House for both sides to de-escalate.

He wrote in an email communication that, “it is time for the Biden administration to step up as a leader of the free world and condemn the actions of these extremist groups with moral clarity. People of faith everywhere need to know that the United States does not look with apathy at such heinous violations of human rights.


It’s the Palestinians that are violating human rights! With their bottle rockets!

Jews are just protecting themselves by blowing up press buildings and killing babies!

Terror babies!

Look: you can tell how false this whole thing is just by considering the level of dishonesty. If these Judeo-Christians were honest, they would just openly say they support genociding the Palestinians. Instead, they make the absurd claim that Israel is “defending itself.”

This was also Joe Biden’s claim.

It’s absurd. Israel is an advanced country with the backing of the biggest military that has ever existed. Gaza is a desolate concentration camp run by Israel.

If the Judeo-Christians want to support a genocide, they should at least say it. But they lie.

Just like they lie about the entire history of Christianity. Never before in Christian history have Christians worshiped Jews or considered them “God’s chosen people.”

In actual fact, real Christians captured the holy land multiple times, and ruled it for hundred-year stretches. Never did they think of putting a bunch of greasy, hook-nosed, beady-eyed Jewish banking criminals, pornographers, homosexuals and baby-killers in charge of the city. Instead, they either killed the Jews or forced them out of the city.

This is when Moslems were fighting alongside Jews against Christians, which was the case for most of the last 2,000 years of history.

The absolute arrogance of thinking you have a right to simply rewrite the entire doctrine of Christianity is simply staggering.

Most of these morons don’t even know anything about the history of Christianity. If you try to tell them, they just don’t care. They believe in Judeo-Christianity, and its relationship (or lack thereof) to all other forms of Christianity that existed before the 1950s is inconsequential.

They believe they know what is right because a fat slob on TV told them so.

Imagine believing that this fat worm-man is a better Christian than all of the Saints.

He is a better Christian than Saint Augustine.

He is even a better Christian than Martin Luther (who these Judeo-Christians cite as a justifier of most of their heresies).

I am called an “anti-Semite” by these Judeo-Christians, but Luther said that they should just be killed outright.

Let me just say again: killing them outright is what the Crusaders did when they took Jerusalem.

These people have chosen to partake in the sins of the Jews, and on Judgement Day, they will get the punishment of the Jews.

Only a nation as utterly debased as America could ever accept this flagrant, putrid vulgarism.