EU Votes to Label Hungary “A Hybrid Regime of Electoral Autocracy”

Being labeled “not a democracy” by those democracy people is a really big win for Hungary.

“Democracy” means “child gay sex and Islam,” and actually it means “a country controlled by Jews.”

I would much prefer to be “a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy.”

What a silly, convoluted piece of neo-terminology.


European Union lawmakers on Thursday declared that Hungary has become “a hybrid regime of electoral autocracy” under the leadership of its nationalist government, and that its undermining of the bloc’s democratic values had taken Hungary out of the community of democracies.

In a resolution that passed 433-to-123 with 28 abstentions, the parliamentarians raised concerns about Hungary’s constitutional and electoral systems, judicial independence, possible corruption, public procurement irregularities, LGBTQ+ rights, as well as media, academic and religious freedoms.

The lawmakers said that Hungary — which its populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban characterizes as an “illiberal democracy” — has left behind many of the democratic values of the bloc. In part, they blamed the other 26 EU member countries for turning a blind eye to possible abuses during Orban’s 12 years in office.

The vote is the latest in a series of showdowns between the EU’s institutions and Orban’s government in Budapest. The bloc’s executive arm, the European Commission, is expected to announce Sunday that it is prepared to suspend payments of some EU money to Hungary over its alleged violations.

I don’t know how many people are catching on to this whole “democracy” thing, but this should help.

What would really help is if Tucker Carlson kept claiming that democracy is good. The fact is, people in democracies do not have any freedom. And it’s not “fake democracy” – it is a feature, not a bug, of the system of democracy that you are not capable of redress of grievances.

America was not founded as a democracy, and when it became a democracy in the 1890s, many people were warning that it would spiral completely out of control.

People should read H.L. Mencken’s “Notes on Democracy.”

The peasantry can always be manipulated by the powerful into making the dumbest possible decisions and screwing their own selves over. I don’t believe that Joe Biden actually won the 2020 election, but millions of people voted for him. It is not feasible to allow people this stupid, who by the way have nothing to lose, to impact the way our country is run. It does not make any sense at all. No one thinks it makes sense, and the government admits that democracy just means “rule by the media.”

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Mencken even went into describing how democracy was the perfect system for regime change, as you can easily turn half of the peasantry of any country against its own leaders.

It’s very smart material that had a big impact on me. Mencken’s fedora atheism is annoying, but he was nonetheless a genius thinker and writer.

That is the well of wisdom Tucker Carlson should be drawing from, instead of claiming that democracy is good. The basic and simple fact of reality is that all of the Republican leaders that Tucker constantly attacks for not doing democracy were democratically elected. Again, that is not a bug: the singular purpose of democracy is to allow the ruling elite to rule with the consent of the governed by constantly telling them they deserve everything they get because they’re the ones that voted for it.

Conversely, an “autocratic” leader is accountable to the people – and every single one of these Jew think tanks planning to overthrow the governments of Russia and China admit this in the most callous way imaginable by stating plainly that the weakness of China and Russia are that they are not democracies, so the leaders have to respect the will of the people. They will say things like “the autocracies of Russia and China face more pressure from their populations than liberal democracies, given that in the latter, people are allowed to vote for new leaders if they do not feel they are performing their duties effectively.” They use much such language. It’s very obvious what they are saying: democracy is a way to nullify the popular will.

No one claims that Orban doesn’t represent the popular will – they just claim he’s against democracy. That’s because it’s not the same thing.