EU Sanctions Russian Biker Club Leader and Actors for Expressing Support for Their Country

Putin and Alexander Zaldostanov, leader of the Night Wolves biker club, 2009.

So, private Russian persons can be targeted with sanctions for expressing support for Russia. This is totally new.

What is preventing private non-Russian persons from being sanctioned for expressing support for Russia?

We don’t even understand the mechanism through which “this guy took a picture with some guy” validates sanctions.


The leader of the Night Wolves biker club Aleksandr Zaldostanov, Moscow mayor Sergey Sobyanin, as well as popular Russian actors Sergey Bezrukov and Vladimir Mashkov are among the 48 individuals targeted by the EU’s latest Russia sanctions, according to multiple outlets citing a draft of the sanctions list.

Zaldostanov, 69, was singled out by the EU for “actively supporting Russian state propaganda through publicly denying Ukraine’s right to statehood and calling for the ‘denazification’ as well as the ‘de-Ukrainization’ of the country,” the document says, as cited by EUObserver.

Founded by Zaldostanov and a number of associates soon after the collapse of the USSR, the Night Wolves Motorcycle Club has grown into something of a patriotic movement. The club has held numerous rides in support of ‘traditional values’ and is one of the founding factions of Anti-Maidan, a counterprotest organization intended to thwart Western-inspired regime change in Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has personally participated in some of the club’s rides.

Zaldostanov is also on the US and Canada’s sanctions lists for his participation in the events that led to the secession of Crimea from Ukraine.

Actors Bezrukov and Mashkov were, in turn, targeted, for allegedly spreading “pro-war propaganda,” the newspaper reports.

Both award-winning actors with multiple starring roles under their belts, Vladimir Mashkov and Sergey Bezrukov have been outspoken supporters of Russia’s operation in Ukraine since its start on February 24. During a visit to Lugansk in June, Mashkov told his fans Russia was fighting in Ukraine to protect “our brothers and sisters,” calling those who oppose the campaign “monsters.”

How are bikers and actors supporting the conflict in Ukraine?

Are they training warriors?

Vladimir Mashkov

Sergey Bezrukov

No, they’re just saying “I support my country, Russia.”

There is a bigger plan at work here to create a global legal norm of seizing the money and property of people who support Russia, then just of anyone who says anything the government doesn’t like.

This is some kind of ultra-communism we have emerging. At least under communism, all the rich people just had their shit seized. Under this new ultra-communism, rich people are allowed to keep their money and take other people’s money as long as they support double anal and Ukrainian neo-Nazism.