EU Leaders Visit the Ukraine in Suits, No One Asks Zelensky to Put on a Shirt

Jews have done so many things to offend me in my life.

Feminism, race-mixing, mass immigration, homosexuality, child trannies, drug addiction, black crime… and on and on. You know the thing.

But I have to say: Volodomigir Zelensky wearing this green undershirt to official meetings is the single worst things Jews have ever done to me.

Let me explain what I mean when I say “done to me” – I mean that this is an attack on all of human society and all basic social norms. Rolling out a man in a dress who cut off his dick and saying “this is a woman” is pretty bad, but it is not as bad as rolling out a tiny dwarven Jew in a green undershirt and saying “this is a political leader.”

I would be much less repulsed if Zelensky wore an Adidas track suit and said “this is our true Ukraine ancient people’s heritage. We are a totally real country with a vibrant and real life history and this is our traditional mode of dress.”


The leaders of four European Union nations visited Ukraine on Thursday, vowing to back Kyiv’s bid to become an official candidate to join the bloc in a high-profile show of support for the country fending off a Russian invasion.

French President Emmanuel Macron also promised Ukraine six more powerful truck-mounted artillery guns, the latest in a new round of Western arms pledges for Ukraine as the war grinds on in the eastern Donbas region.

The leaders “are doing everything so that Ukraine alone can decide its fate,” Macron said at a news conference.

In the face of Kyiv’s fears that Western resolve to help it could wane, the visit by Macron and the leaders of Germany, Italy and Romania carried heavy symbolic weight. The three Western European powers have faced criticism for continuing to engage with Russian President Vladimir Putin — and failing to provide Ukraine with the scale of weaponry that it has said is necessary to fend off the Russians. Romania’s president also made the journey.

After arriving in Kyiv to the sound of air raid sirens, the leaders headed to Irpin, a suburb of the capital that was the scene of intense fighting early in the war and where many civilians were killed. They decried the destruction there.

While shocking images of such devastation have rallied Western support, officials in Ukraine have expressed fears that “war fatigue” could eventually erode that — particularly as rising prices and upcoming elections in the United States are increasingly dominating people’s concerns.

So, is there a plan coming into view here?

The Ukraine is going to surrender the Donbass, and Kherson, and Karkov, probably not Odessa at this point, and then the rump state will join the EU and NATO and become totally militarized like Poland and the Baltics.

That is sort of a compromise, I guess, and you’d be splitting hairs as to whether it meets Putin’s initial demands. He said he wanted “demilitarization of the Ukraine” and for “the Ukraine” to not join NATO. At the end of this though, “the Ukraine” that he was talking about will no longer exist. So will he agree to that? Probably. This is a huge win for Russia no matter what.

What the West appears to be doing is setting up a situation where if Putin doesn’t agree to having the Ukraine rump state in the EU/NATO, he has to invade and conquer it, and that is a mighty big project. Of course, it might not really be that big, since the Ukraine military is already completely destroyed.

However, the Ukraine people strategy of sitting in cities and hiding behind human shields means that this all takes forever, and they can do a lot more damage. The US will give them endless missiles to fire at random residential buildings.

But I think this is the plan – surrender a quarter to a third of the country, then build a totally militarized rump state.

Both sides can call this a win, technically – though the world is going to see that it is a massive loss for the West.

With as happy as these people look, it appears that a Russian back channel might have signaled openness to this plan.