EU Again Falsely Claims It is Not at War with Russia

EU Spokesperson

They keep saying this…


The European Union is not at war with Russia, but it would continue to support Ukraine in its fight against Moscow, EU foreign policy spokesman Peter Stano said on Wednesday. The statement came hours after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a partial mobilization of troops.

Speaking at a press conference, Stano was asked whether the EU is in a state of war with Russia, given that earlier Vladimir Putin had claimed that Russia is facing “the entire Western military machine” in Ukraine. The foreign policy spokesman replied in the negative.

“Of course we are not in war with Russia. We are supporting Ukraine’s legitimate, justified fight to defend its people and its territory,” he said, adding that Kiev is protecting not only itself, but also European democratic values.


Stano also denounced the mobilization announcement, calling it “just another proof” that Putin is not interested in peace and seeks to “escalate his war of aggression.” “This is also yet another sign of his desperation,” Stano added.

While the official vowed that the EU would impose “consequences” on Russia over its latest moves in Ukraine, he didn’t announce any new sanctions. At the same time, Stano signaled that EU members have been “discussing joint action in response” to the latest developments in the Ukraine conflict, declining, however, to provide any details.

It’s so dumb.

The media has allowed these people to just outright redefine reality. But reality still exists. When you flood a belligerent country with money and weapons, encourage them not to negotiate at all, send in mercenaries, and make nonstop outrageous statements saying you’re fighting a war – you’re at war.