EU Accepts “Ukraine” Membership Candidacy

“Ukraine” people – very normal. Extra normal. Ultra-normal people. This is normal. Your thousands of years of recorded social norms are the problem. We’re sticking voodoo effigies of our enemies up our butts now, okay? That’s very normal.

What is this?

An alleged economic union is going to include a “country” that is currently 35% occupied by a foreign invader? A country with a government that runs on GoFundMe donations?


The European Council agreed to grant candidate status to Ukraine and Moldova during an EU summit on Thursday. Earlier, Belgium had said that the status would be a major sign of hope to Kiev, but it is, as of now, more of a “symbolic” gesture.

The news on Ukraine becoming a European Union hopeful was broken by Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel.

“European Council has granted the status of candidate country to Ukraine and Moldova. Historic moment and a signal of hope for the Ukranian (sic) people,” Bettel tweeted.

President of the European Council Charles Michel hailed the decision as a “historic moment”. While Georgia fell short of getting a candidate status, the bloc recognized “the European perspective” of the country, Michel explained, adding that the European Council “is ready to grant candidate status once the outstanding priorities are addressed.”

Earlier in the day, the European Parliament overwhelmingly backed a proposal to grant EU candidate status to Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia. Last week, Kiev’s bid was supported by the EU Commission.

The President of the EU Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, congratulated the three countries on the bloc’s decision. She warned, however, that all of them “have work to do before moving to the next stage of the process.”

Work like what? Like winning a war against Russia? Moldova is going to what? Stop being a shithole?

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At the very least, this proves that the EU was never actually an “economic union,” and always had some alternative purpose.

The EU is also effectively openly supporting the “Lithuanian” Kaliningrad blockade, which is the first actual open infringement on the territorial sovereignty of Russia.


The EU is not seeking to impose a “blockade” on Russia’s Kaliningrad Region and will review its sanctions guidelines to avoid “blocking” traffic into and out of the exclave, the bloc’s top diplomat Josep Borrell said Thursday.

Lithuania’s actions to restrict transit to and from Kaliningrad, implemented under EU Commission guidelines, are aimed foremost at preventing the circumvention of anti-Russia sanctions imposed over the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Borrell explained.

“We want to make controls that could prevent any kind of sanctions avoidance, and not preventing the traffic. And the [European] Commission and the European External Action Service are going to review the guidelines in order to clarify that we do not want to block or prevent the traffic between Russia and Kaliningrad,” the diplomat told a news conference.

“There are some goods which are under control and this control has to be implemented in a clever and smart way in order to control the sanctions, but not obstructing the traffic between Kaliningrad and Russia.”


Well, it turns out, the EU is really just the same thing as NATO – a violent Jewish organization that exists for the singular purpose of destroying Russia.

The amount of hatred that Russia receives from the Jews makes you believe Russia is a nation of angels. It’s not, actually. I’ve been there. There is a lot of dirty business going on with the sluts, marriage doesn’t work very well, alcoholism (while exaggerated and going down) is pretty widespread, and they have legal abortion. Gay sex isn’t even actually banned, you’re just not allowed to publicly display symbols of gay sex, such as flying a rainbow flag.

But, yeah – compared to America and Europe, Russia is effectively a nation of saints. At this point, it’s like a whole other universe. Being able to spend an entire day not seeing some disgusting brown person or some fat woman makes you feel like you’re actually in Heaven.

Imagine, you go to the gym and there are women in their 40s with serious asses.

But again – women at the gym?

No, frankly, they don’t have that in Heaven. But if they did have 40-year-old women in Heaven, and they had gyms that allowed women, their asses would look like the asses of 40-year-old women at a Russian gym.

Just like if Heaven had bar sluts, they would be thin and dressed in a way that is somehow elegant and slutty at the same time. (In Heaven they probably wouldn’t have the lip filler and shaved eyebrows though, frankly, but we’re seeing less of that in the motherland.)

That’s all I’m saying.

Te penymao? 

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