Erdogan Wants Turkey to Join the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Erdogan got old quick, no?

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The Shanghai Cooperation Organization is an economic, political, and security bloc. It was started in 2001 by Russia and China. It promotes Sino-Friendship. The West has argued that it was formed as a counter-balance to NATO.

If NATO members are already joining Sino-Friendship, and the West can’t figure out any solution to that, then this is probably going to go faster than we’d previously guessed.


President Tayyip Erdogan said he was targeting membership of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) for NATO-member Turkey, broadcaster NTV and other media said on Saturday.

He was speaking to reporters after attending the SCO summit in Uzbekistan before heading to the United States.

Our relations with these countries will be moved to a much different position with this step,” Erdogan said.

“When asked if he meant membership of the SCO, he said, “Of course, that’s the target”.

Turkey is currently a dialogue partner of the SCO, whose members are China, Russia, India, Pakistan, Iran, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

Of course it’s the target.

Who wouldn’t want to be friends with China?

India has been a member since 2017, because despite ethnic hatred for the Chinese, Modi is a shrewd man.

India is now taking over the rotating presidency of the organization.

Iran just joined up this week.

Everyone is having a good time.

The problem for the West is that these countries are not actively at war with their own populations.

Western political leaders are trying to turn all of our children into trannies and replace us with low IQ brown people. That is happening in every NATO member state, aside from some in the East.

It’s presumably very difficult to fight a war with a formidable outside enemy while you are fighting an aggressive war of doom against your own population. No one has ever tried it before.