Erdogan Says Europe is to Blame for Gas Crisis, Turkey has No Such Problems

These are self-inflicted problems we’re dealing with.

The energy prices are as self-inflicted as the coronavirus hoax or the child trannies.

Jews do this on purpose.


The upcoming winter may turn out to be a tough one for European states and they themselves are to blame for it, warned Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan during a press conference in Ankara on Tuesday.

The Turkish leader told journalists that “Europe is reaping what it sows” when it comes to the natural gas shortages plaguing the region and that the countries’ attitude towards Russian President Vladimir Putin and the sweeping sanctions imposed on Moscow are to blame for the current crisis.

“I think that Europe will spend this winter with serious problems. Turkey, at this stage, has no such problems with gas supplies,” Erdogan noted.

Erdogan’s statement comes after Moscow warned of a looming “huge global storm” caused by the “illogical and often absurd” moves by Western nations. In a statement on Monday, the Kremlin noted that the sanctions imposed by the US, EU and other countries on Russia have backfired and resulted in a sweeping energy crisis as well as record inflation across the West.

Winter is coming, and the war is still going.

It’s gonna be a cold one.