Elon Vows to Restore Trump While Also Claiming He Shouldn’t be President

Elon Musk has said that he’s going to restore Donald Trump’s Twitter account when he takes control, but also said he thinks a “less divisive candidate” would be better in 2024.

Probably, everyone believes there should be less division, but the division was never Trump’s fault really. Mostly, women and Jews just hated him because he was masculine. That’s pretty much the long and short of it. His policies would not have offended women or even Jews by themselves. In fact, many of these policies would have offended right-wingers. I mean, remember when he released all those violent black criminals from prison for literally no reason?

For both sides, Trump’s personality was much more important than anything he actually did in terms of policy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is extremely unmasculine, being that he is literally a senile vegetable. Did you see him screaming like some unhinged woman about food shortages earlier this week?

How grating? Everyone is like “shut up, you stupid old whiny faggot!”

It’s gross and disgusting.

Even if he was screaming like that about black crime, a lot of normal people would prefer Trump acting masculine and releasing the blacks onto the streets. That’s the way these politics work, because of the TV and internet – everything is so emotional.

Elon also condemned Joe Biden and the global transformation.

Musk is obviously mostly right-wing. He is a Tim Pool/Sargon of Akkad centrist, which is de facto right-wing now. I don’t think he would support any Democrat, other than like, Andrew Yang maybe.

So what is he saying, if we take these statements at face value?

That he supports Ron DeSantis?

Everyone who doesn’t support Trump is rallying around DeSantis, including all of these cuckold people from the various anti-Trump movements. Frankly, I like DeSantis, but it’s concerning to look at the people rallying around him.

What’s more: it’s obviously impossible for any Republican to win in the environment of voter fraud. You would have to ban these mail-in ballots, but all of these states are now codifying mail-in ballots, and even if the Republicans took the Congress in November, they would likely be unable to stop states from doing this, because elections are run by the states. You could pass a law that states had to report the results on time, but then they would just start counting earlier.

So it’s really a moot point, beyond who would be best in the actual race itself. Whoever runs is going to lose, unless they can find some Jeb Bush style war Republican to fight Russia – and I don’t see any such candidate getting any support from the voters in the primaries.

Trump would be the funnest and funniest as the candidate. Well, actually, I support Matt Gaetz running on a platform of “this is a joke, they’re going to steal it anyway, I’m just doing this for teh lolz.” But that’s not happening.

Republican voters are stupid and think that after a stolen election – after 4 years of Democrats being in control and letting in all of these immigrants and encouraging them to vote, while also codifying this mail-in balloting – that Trump can win if they just vote harder.

If DeSantis was legit, he would understand that he’d have more power by staying on as Florida governor than by running in a rigged presidential election.

Elon Musk and Peter Thiel allegedly hate each other. They were both PayPal founders, and Musk has called Thiel a sociopath.

But they appear to support the same people with these populist candidates Theil is putting into the GOP.

I definitely have my issues with Theil’s man JD Vance, who I don’t really trust at all, but he’s saying the right stuff. Blake Masters is also probably going to win a Senate seat, and he’s got less bizarre baggage than Vance.

Masters appears visually to be a closeted homosexual, but he’s married to a white woman and not an Indian, and he didn’t go to Yale.

This all seems to be directly connected to Elon’s move on Twitter, where we have this marginal elite from Silicon Valley seeing the empire limping and trying to move in on the seat of power.

So, it will be interesting to see what direction these guys go in in 2024. I think they will just let Trump run with it, because the people crowding around DeSantis are the same kind of people they are trying to dethrone.

Taking down the system is not going to be possible by just running a presidential candidate in 2024 – even without the fraud. So they’ll just look for someone who isn’t opposed to them, and Trump is not going to be opposed to them, whereas these people around DeSantis would be.

This is all to say: I don’t think Elon’s statement about not supporting a second Trump run means anything. I don’t think he is going to try to support DeSantis or any other candidate, and if he actually takes Twitter and gets Trump back on, he’s effectively making any primary challenge to Trump impossible. The only way DeSantis could actually challenge him would be if Trump had no voice.

Anyway, I pretty much support whatever these people want to do, just because they are different from my enemies, and notably not Jewish. (The only Jews even remotely involved in this circle are like, Eric and Brett Weinstein.)

That said, it’s really just a circus sideshow, and I don’t think it is going to come to anything. By the time it’s possible for a Silicon Valley cartel to seize control of the empire, they will be seizing nothing but ashes. That is the conundrum throughout history: if a marginal elite is able to get traction by appealing to populism, they are only able to do that because the empire is already too far gone to be saved anyway.

For the most part, people need to be thinking about how they are personally going to get through a collapse of empire, and what we’re going to do after.

Sino-Friendship, anyone?