Dubai Bar Finds Solution to the Obesity Crisis – Make the Fatties Drink Themselves to Death!

Daily Stormer
November 21, 2019

The only thing funnier than soap made out of Jews is fat people falling

About time somebody did something about these two-legged heifers.


Fusion Club in Dubai has gone viral due to a very unusual happy hour offer.

The bar, located at the four-star Cassells Al Barsha Hotel, has introduced a promotion which offers women free drinks based on how much they weigh.

The more they weigh, the more free drinks they can receive.


Drinking too much is bad for your health, but it’s 6,000,000 times worse if you’re fat.

A woman can either weigh herself on a scale near the entrance to the bar, or write her weight on a slip of paper and give it to the barman.

One kilogram is equal to one United Arab Emirati Dirhams (AED). So, for example, if a woman weighs 60kg, she would get free drinks to the worth of 60 AED – which equates to around £12.60. The deal applies for all drinks.

Dubai has a lot of fatties, so this will literally cause a real Holocaust!

BTW, did you guys know that America isn’t even in the top 15 fattest countries in the world?

Yeah, I was shocked too.

It’s almost entirely countries from the Middle East and the Pacific, because they eat mostly slave food there.

The bar says the offer is designed to show that ‘it’s good to gain weight’ – a motto that is splashed across the posters for the promotion, too.

Vice president, Mr Baburaj, told Metro, ‘We believe in being different than the rest of the night Clubs and hotels in making our guests delighted. We wanted the ladies to surprise their partners and friends that it’s good to gain weight.

Actually, no, it’s not.

It’ll literally kill you…

But this creature has to lie about it of course, in order to cover up their noble purpose of curing the world of lardbeasts.

‘We never ask any women to check their weight, we trust them and just serve whatever number they wrote on the paper without asking any questions and therefore we don’t see any reason to feel having bad intention about the offer’

All women lie about their weight, always, but this might be the first time in history some of them lie in the opposite direction.

But the happy hour offer has attracted a mixed response from Dubai residents, with some claiming that the deal promotes obesity.

One said on Twitter: ‘This is just stupid, and FYI it promotes fat gain and obesity… like the fatter you are the more we’ll allow you to consume empty calories which, in turn, will make you… even fatter?’

But the bar says the deal has been met with a positive reaction, so much so that it has led to an extension.

Some people just can’t think in the long term.

This doesn’t promote obesity, this gets rid of obesity, by killing the people who are obese.

We have to face it, most people are too stupid to not stuff their faces with slave food all day, so the only realistic solution to solving the problem is to kill them all.

And if we can make them actively contribute to killing themselves… that’s even funnier than luring them into fake gas chambers!

So I really hope this catches on.

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