Doubling Down on Double Anal: Biden Pens NYT Op-Ed Promising MRLS and Eternal Support for Felted Ukraine

Whites, Christians, heterosexuals – we can kill them all from 50 miles with these babies.

Yeah I’m sure the Ukraine won’t use these systems to attack Russia, just like they didn’t use those attack helicopters to attack Russia.

Let’s just keep this thing going a couple extra weeks…


The US will provide Ukraine with “more advanced rocket systems,” President Joe Biden revealed in an article published in the New York Times on Tuesday. 

Washington agreed to send multiple rocket launchers after Kiev gave “assurances” that the long-range weapons will not be used to strike Russian territory, several media outlets reported on Tuesday, citing White House officials.

The M142 High Mobility Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS) can hit targets as far as 50 miles away. The planned shipments are reportedly part of a $700 million military aid package for Ukraine that is due to be announced on Wednesday. The deal is said to also include more Javelin shoulder-fired anti-tank missile systems, various radars, and ammunition.

Biden signed a bill last month that provides Kiev with $40 billion worth of aid. In his article, Biden wrote that he had decided to “provide the Ukrainians with more advanced rocket systems and munitions that will enable them to more precisely strike key targets on the battlefield in Ukraine.”

Biden earlier this week said he wasn’t going to do this, but that was apparently just yet another senior moment.

The weirdest thing about this is that “Joe Biden” actually penned an op-ed for the Times to announce this.

I guess this is intended to… send the world an assurance, at a time when the Ukraine military is globally acknowledged as having been felted?

It’s a pretty significant double-down.

He said he’s not going to invade the Ukraine, but he’s going to keep encouraging them to fight to the last Ukrainian and to somehow reclaim the Donbass, despite the fact they don’t even hardly have a military left.

This is really just wacky.

It looked yesterday like the refusal to send these new weapons was some kind of admission that the war is lost. But hey – I guess not! Or rather, I guess it would have been that, but these people do not want to do that. They want every last Ukrainian goy male dead!

You know what might help? More sanctions LOL.

Serious question, Joe: do you feel in charge?

Just imagine that the best movie ever made has dialogue that bad. Maybe Joe is taking inspiration from it? “C’mon man! Dark Knight 3 is the best movie ever made! You’re telling me I have to talk normal? That’s a bunch of malarkey!”

But anyway: the missile systems – will this even keep the war going a couple extra weeks?

We’ve gone from Javelins, to Bayraktars, to Howitzers, to Harpoons, and now MRLS.

But what about MRLS?

Let me just check Wikipedia here…


As it turns out, before the war started, the Ukraine had hundreds of these systems.


Those were all destroyed by Russia during the first few hours of the war…


So it’s just incredible how retarded this all is. This is the exact same thing as the debacle with the Polish MiGs. At the time that whole discussion was happening, the Ukraine literally had MiGs – and for that matter still does – and just didn’t have anywhere for them to take off/land.

Nothing here is making any sense to me. It hasn’t made sense to me from the beginning, and I always said that Russia was going to win, but I had no idea that the US would involve themselves to this extent, and create this ongoing lunatic campaign about how the Ukraine was destined by providence to march on Moscow.

At this point, we are so far beyond the pale, that I am sort of able to understand conspiracy theories about how the United States is losing on purpose for some reason. The problem with those theories is that they don’t have any explanation as to why the United States would want to lose on purpose, and I can’t think of any possible explanation other than that the US State Department is riddled with Chinese and Russian spies.

I think it’s just what I’ve said it is: these people have total power, they inherited it from other people for reasons other than merit, and they have no idea how to hold on to it. Then you have the issues with the entire system of order that runs the Pentagon, along with the fact that no one appears to be actually in charge of anything. You can say something like “Obama was a puppet,” but all that really means is that he was a puppet of interest groups – not that he was a literal vegetable incapable of acting on his own personal agency. With Joe, you have a vegetable. Maybe that would be workable in a situation where the stakes were not this high, but it can’t work in the current year. You can’t run a government this large in the middle of a crisis without some titular figurehead – everyone is just going to be doing whatever they want. So I think that’s also a big part of what you’re seeing – no one is in charge so people running different agencies are just acting on their own, and Joe is forced to go along with it.

In this situation with the HIMARS, Joe appeared to be having a moment of lucidity when he said he wasn’t going to send missile systems that could hit Russia. So who made the decision to change that?

Mark Milley just said yesterday that we need negotiations with Russia to prevent mass starvation.

Milley is a top kook.

So who is saying “no, let’s just keep going”?

Well, if I don’t know and you don’t know, then a lot of people working in the government don’t know.

Since the battle of Donbass started weeks ago, it’s become more clear every day that the Ukraine is felted. Now, no one can deny that. They’re losing more every day, and Russia’s territorial objectives are nearly complete, as the Zelensky government is running around pulling random dudes off the street and forcibly conscripting them because 2/3rds of their military has surrendered or been captured.

And this is the time Joe decides to pen an op-ed doubling down on support for the Ukraine war effort?

Who is making these decisions?


This is an interview with Colonel MacGregor from last week. I’ve been meaning to write about it for a week and haven’t done so yet, so I’m just going to drop it here.

MacGregor was one of the main experts on this situation, and was agreeing with me from the beginning, and also got the timeframe wrong. He explains, among other things, that no one thought the US would go all-in like this, but at this point, there is really nothing more they can do.

What can they do? They can send US/NATO troops in. Beyond that, I just don’t even understand what we are talking about here. I just feel confused.