Donald Trump Responds to Anti-MAGA Speech by Brandon

It’s kind of hard to go back and say that Donald Trump is a fascist after he was already president and nothing happened. Well, actually, it’s not hard to say that. Apparently, it’s very easy to say that.

But we all lived under President Trump for four years, and the only bad things that happened were Democrat hoaxes. I’m not saying he was the greatest ever, and he actually didn’t really do much of anything, frankly. But everything was normal. Much more normal than it is now. The world wasn’t at war, the currency wasn’t collapsing, and so on.

Things only got weird with the coronavirus hoax, which was led by the Democrats. Trump should have stopped that, but the fact that he didn’t stop it was proof that he was not some kind of fascist, and in fact was more or less inept at dealing with political problems.

“Everyone is going to die if Trump takes control” is just a weird message after he was already in control for four years and no one died.

Donald Trump didn’t try to start a world war with Russia and China, I can tell you this.


I don’t care.