Donald Trump Officially Endorses Democrat Primary Opponents of Progressives

Damn, boy.

Your boy Don been reading ancient Chinese war wisdom again. Or maybe he was reading the Daily Stormer.

Donald Trump has endorsed multiple Democrat establishment candidates with progressive opponents.

This impeachment Jew Dan Goldman is in the lead, and doesn’t take kindly to Donald Trump having something to say about it. His opponent made rice of the endorsement.

A profound 80% of Yuh-Line Niou’s voters believe that voting for her will result in sucky-sucky, with an astounding 65% saying that they think if they vote for her she will give them sucky-sucky long-time, but another 20% expect a very good big sucky.

However, while she has the sucky-sucky vote locked, she is losing to the ratlike Jew Goldman, who is creeping around in shadows making moves. The Trump endorsement could expand Yuh’s support beyond the sucky constituent.

Goldman had a statement disavowing the endorsement as yet another goyim trick.

After the Goldman endorsement, Trump endorsed two other Democrats.

Carolyn Maloney thought this was important enough to respond to.

Maloney doesn’t have any percent of the sucky vote in her district. Recently leaked internal polling from Team Maloney showed that voters would “rather eat a stranger’s vomit than have sucky-sucky from Carolyn Maloney.”

This Trump endorsement could end up wrecking Maloney’s campaign.

Who knows if the media is going to go along with this. They always went along with my endorsements (they recently picked up on my fake endorsement of Blake Masters, after which I revealed that I was endorsing Ali Jamal as an independent challenger to Masters in Arizona). But Trump doing this could be too much.

Just on the face of it, you would think it would be more likely that Trump’s own supporters will be confused by his endorsements of Democrats than Democrats will be confused. However, people on Patriots.Win (zombie r/TheDonald) were managing to explain it to one another.

People with very low literacy were withdrawing attacks on Trump after having it explained that it was a joke.

Meanwhile, Democrats on Twitter were struggling as progressive supporters took the endorsements seriously.

Along with Captain Sucky, some black guy running also made rice of the Trump endorsement of Goldman.

Jew Democrat establishment people were calling people taking the endorsements seriously Russian spies and anti-Semites.

So, it’s already worked better than I’d imagined, because Trump has thoughtfully endorsed establishment candidates.

It probably won’t make it to NYT/CNN, but this progressive organizing happens on Twitter. If Trump managed to swing the primaries for any of these candidates, it would be awesome. And even if he doesn’t swing any races, he’s inflamed a lot of tension among scorned DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) people, who have already been encouraging people not to vote if there is no progressive candidate.

The whole progressive movement has been a disaster for its own supporters. AOC cucked really hard. She literally has Amazon as her number one campaign contributor. Oh no, sorry, I was going with old data – Google is now the top contributor.

I don’t think Ilhan Omar or the other two would have cucked so hard on their own, but AOC gave them cover because she was the de facto leader of the movement, primarily due to her donkey lips.

These people are almost as disenfranchised as nationalists in the Republican Party. Unlike some retards on the internet, I don’t think there is going to be any nationalist-socialist alliance, but the Democrat Party is in total shambles and doing anything to promote these far-left extremists is a good idea for the right-wing.