Disgusting Fat Beast Put on the Front of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition!

I don’t really want to rewrite everything I wrote about this issue while I’m stuck on Tor, so please just go read this article:

I have all those same comments here.

New York Post:

Last week, model Yumi Nu visited her agent for what she thought was a routine interview and career check in.

But while she was answering questions earnestly, “My agents were in on this little plan,” the 25-year-old told The Post. Midway through the “interview,” Sports Illustrated Swimsuit honcho MJ Day and other staffers from the bikini bible popped out with a camera crew as the cover of this year’s magazine, featuring Nu, filled a nearby monitor.

“I was processing the surprise of it not being a real interview and that this was actually the SI cover reveal. I could not speak. I had full body chills. I was shaking, I was crying. They really got me good,” said Nu.

Bitch, are you sure you weren’t literally having a heart attack?

Her first call was to her boyfriend Dimitri Dinas.

“He was freaking out. He was like, ‘If I were a teenage boy, I’d have a poster of you in my room. Now I’m dating an SI cover star.’ “

He has many reasons to be proud of his girlfriend. It’s been a stretch of career highlights for the plus-sized model and singer who is of Dutch and Japanese extraction. (Her mother is the daughter of Benihana founder Rocky Aoki, and she is the niece of DJ Steve Aoki). She was part of an ensemble of supermodels to grace the cover of the iconic September Vogue issue, and in April, she was the first Asian curve model to land the cover of Vogue Japan.

“It’s amazing. I’m on cloud nine. This is nothing I could prepare for. It’s unexpected. I feel like we’re in a place right now where people are making space for more diversity on magazine covers. It’s a big time for Asian-American people in media. I know I play a big role in representation in body diversity and race diversity, and I love to be a role model and representative of the plus-size Asian community.”

I’m pretty sure that it’s the white half of you that is so fat and ugly.

It’s not fair to blame Asians for this despicable monstrosity.

This is not attractive. It’s not normal to be attracted to fat beasts. If you are attracted to fat beasts, you have a paraphilia. Sexual attraction is a natural biological function; men are intended by God and nature to be sexually attracted to healthy reproductive partners.

Claiming that a fat slob is attractive is an attack on the basic order of nature. No natural man wants to stick his seed into a beast that will probably have heart failure during pregnancy, and will give birth to a child with serious endocrine disorders.

Jordan Peterson is whacked out on pills and even he wouldn’t hit that.


This is designed to make women think that they can be both fat and attractive, and also designed to acclimate men to the fact that the only chance at sex they have is with a wild beast!

Send the bitch back to those nip perverts in Japan to deal with!

We do not want Japanese trash washing up on our shores!