Did You Ever Know That You’re My Hero, And You are the Wind Beneath My Wings?

Volo-da-mire Zelensky and his wife Slutfest posed for a glamour shoot in Vogue.

There’s a war that’s so very serious that he can’t put on a shirt. He is literally fighting in the trenches, daily.

But he is also posing for Vogue with his whore wife, who he claims (probably falsely) is a shiksa.

Like yo nigga – you telling me you can’t put a shirt on, but you be doing glamor shots with yo bitch?

It be like that?

Fer rill?

Because I been think like, if this nigga be doing these shoots, be doing this light and makeup, this nigga might ain’t been fighting in no trench, maybe this nigga done should be put he shirt on when he been going to meetings with the top people?