DeSantis and His Cubans Win War Against Homosexualist Math Books

Just so you understand: everywhere in the Western world has these gay and anti-white textbooks in schools.

On the furthest reaches of the empire, kindergartners in Donetsk were being taught to become trannies.

I keep seeing people claim that this is only something happening in blue states, and that is just a complete falsehood.

The only place we know this isn’t happening is in Florida, where Ron DeSantis has actively gone after this material and removed it from the schools.

New York Post:

Textbook publishers have routinely transmitted political messaging to kids under the cover of objective math instruction, according to a review by Florida officials.

The Sunshine State’s Department of Education vetted all math textbooks submitted by publishers for classroom use beginning in 2021.

The agency rejected 41 percent of the proposed materials for violating policy last month and released 6,000 documents related to its probe this week.

Math textbooks, reviewers found, frequently veered into political subject matter ranging from the racial makeup of the NYPD to climate change and abortion.

One DOE reviewer questioned a 2019 high school math textbook from Pearson Learning for lacing its content with political themes.

“Narratives within book contain topics that are neither age appropriate nor engaging to students,” they wrote. “Examples are alcohol use, divorce, marijuana, illegal activities, gender bias, racial prejudice, etc.

Rather than limit prose to the instruction of math, “the author pushes certain social issues as normal such as marijuana use, illegal drugs, implying that everyone is implicitly racist, jokes about marriage and divorce, and the white population decreasing.”

A DOE reviewer also flagged a math question about a hypothetical character named Ricky Ricardo who was drafted to fight in a war and died. The problem examines how his inheritance would be distributed to his kids.

The textbook asserts that “his savings account would be divided unproportionally if child was male vs female. The problem nonchalantly states that draftee did not return home: ‘We’ll never know what Ricky was thinking of, for (as fate would have it) he did not return from the war.’ It makes the student figure out how the money would be divided based on gender of twins.”

Another Pearson textbook on probability and statistics broached the hiring practices of the NYPD.

A segment on “too many” white police in NYPD compared to racial makeup of the community may violate the rule’s prohibitions about “racism being embedded in society and legal systems and/or that race is the most important factor in considering an aspect of society,” the reviewer noted.

Here are some images from the texts:

You can look up what Pearson is – this is a global “education” company that owns a bunch of different companies.

Of course, all the companies are doing this now – because it’s all centrally controlled, and no one is trying to stop it.

The one thing you can try to do is have these books taken out of your kids’ school, but that is only going to work if you live in a small town. The school boards in any urban area are guarded by fat women who want to indoctrinate your evil white children in the name of George Floyd, vaccines, Azov, and abortion.