Democrats Send in National Guard to Remove Illegal Immigrants from Martha’s Vineyard

This morning, I woke up and watched some leftist political commentary on YouTube. YouTube no longer delivers fresh content because they had to break their algorithm to censor people, so all of the news they were showing was from Thursday and maybe Friday morning.

They were talking about how the good people of Martha’s Vineyard stood up to Ron DeSantis by embracing the illegal immigrants he had flown to their town. The people of the Vineyard – one of the richest and therefore most liberal places in America – were throwing DeSantis’ political stunt back in his face by coming together to care for the migrants.

They were talking to them and feeding them delicious and succulent Rice Krispies in a banquet-style feast.

But things were already amiss at the banquet lunch – you see, those are not, in fact, Rice Krispies.

They are Crisp Rices.

Hospitality brand’s Crisp Rices go for a mere 99 cents a box.

Meanwhile, branded Kellogg’s Rice Krispies are nearly 4 times that price.

If someone chintzes you out on your lunch banquet with off-brand cereal, you have to wonder: “do they really love me?”

In fact, they did not love these immigrants. Hours after feeding them a feast, hours after the media was going on and on about how the Martha’s Vineyard community was coming together to care for these poor unfortunates… the government called in the military to come remove the beloved tokens of diversity.

They were sent to a military base for processing.

CBS News:

It was another step in a harrowing journey for Venezuelan migrants as the bus carrying nearly 50 new arrivals rounded the rotary toward Joint Base Cape Cod after spending 36 hours on Martha’s Vineyard.

The farewell on the Vineyard was an emotional one where the island gave them shelter and support.

For 36 hours. 

The migrants, including young children, boarded the buses to a ferry where on board to the Cape they soaked in the sunshine and the uncertainty they still face. But where many resources awaited them. “They have the ability to provide health services, round up clothing, bedding, tents, everything people possibly need,” said Senator Moran.

Governor Baker is mobilizing 125 members of the National Guard for the effort. The migrants will also have legal assistance and access to virtual court hearings.

Senator Moran says the situation is evolving, and it’s unclear the criteria for how and when the migrants will be released. 

Wow. So they are indefinitely detained in a military base. Martha’s Vineyard liberals are pretty awesome, actually. This is as close as you can get to just killing the immigrants outright.

Hillary Clinton was on Morning Joe talking about how Martha’s Vineyard was rolling out the red carpet for these brown folks, and hours later they were rolling out the military to put them in indefinite military detention.

I’ve been critical of what Greg Abbott has been doing, sending people from Texas to liberal cities. Greg Abbott is doing this so he doesn’t have to address his complete unwillingness to close the border. It’s just a gimmick.

However, sending them to Martha’s Vineyard was much funnier. I must admit that. New York and Chicago are big cities that already have huge numbers of brown people. Martha’s Vineyard on the other hand is an enclave with basically no diversity at all, aside from the Obamas.

So, this is an interesting learning experience for the public.


  • The people pushing diversity on the population do not want to live in diversity.
  • Rich liberals live in a picturesque town that looks like something out of Norman Rockwell.
  • It is extremely expensive, and a luxury privilege, to live in a place with no brown people.
  • Rich liberals are purposefully weaponizing diversity against the middle class and poor American population.

Of course, any value in this stunt is ruined by conservative pundits saying that liberals are secretly “racist.” They are not “racist,” and that word in fact has more or less no meaning at all.

Wanting to live in a safe, clean, white neighborhood is simply a practical matter. No one wants to live with filthy, backward people. That said, they do a lot to help these filthy, backward people by opening the border and letting them feed off of us.

Everyone who has been paying attention has known for a long time that this “diversity” thing is a hoax. In Columbus, Ohio, I used to drive through rich neighborhoods and see all of these “refugees welcome” and “no person is illegal” signs. These neighborhoods, however, were all-white. Meanwhile, the neighborhood that I grew up in was turned into an absolute cesspit by Mexicans and Somalians. It’s a pretty basic observation that if these rich white liberals are pro-diversity, they should have to live with the consequences of diversity, which are poverty, squalor, filth, crime, and violence. There are other disgusting things, such as the noise, and the gross ethnic markets, and the screaming in foreign languages. No one wants to live around that.

So, these rich white liberals – in particular women – have gone on a feel-good crusade to promote their own morality by causing other people to suffer the plague of diversity. It is remarkable, actually. If these affluent people simply wanted the same for the masses of peasants as they want for themselves, everything would be fine in this country. I mean, there would still be gay stuff, I assume, so not everything would be fine, but we would have solved one of the biggest problems facing the nation, which is all of these brown people flooding into our home.

It’s easy to be rich. Apparently, it comes with a lot of guilt. But instead of helping their own people, those with money in this country decide to help foreign brown people to the detriment of their own people. Well, I’m not sure how much they’ve decided that – it seems to be that the Jewish media decided that, and then well-off white women went along with what the Jewish media was promoting, in order to feel that they are morally superior to the peasants that actually have to live with these filthy, dirty savages from the south.

Everyone Wants the Same Thing

We all just want nice, white, safe communities, with beautiful houses and friendly neighbors.

We want healthy food, trees, cozy sidewalks, places you can raise a family.

We all want Martha’s Vineyard.

And that’s what most of the country looked like in the 1950s.

But the liberal elite – and the non-elite, who are simply rich or upper-middle class – are telling us that we’re not allowed to have that life anymore. They are instead destroying our historical communities with these savages, really for no reason.

Closing the border would be just as easy as opening it. When these people dump these undesirables on the middle class and poor, it is “out of sight, out of mind.” It would also be out of sight and out of mind to just leave them in their own countries. These people have been fine for millions of years without being around white people, and we are under no obligation to allow them to be around white people now. No one has a right to be around white people.

This is absolute abuse of the peasantry, flooding us with these savages, and it shows that the people in charge simply do not care about us. We are human beings and we have just as many rights as rich people. We need an elite class who views us as humans, and has enough decency to provide us with the same rights as they claim for themselves.

Living around other white people is now a privilege that you have to be rich to afford in this country. But it shouldn’t be a privilege. It is a basic human right to have a home that is your home, with your own people.

So don’t tell me about “liberal racism,” you boomer conservative faggots. I don’t want to hear that bullshit. There is no such thing as “racism.” People want to live with their own people, and they have a right to do that. The creepy liberal white women of Martha’s Vineyard have that right, and it is not a problem that they are claiming that right – the problem is that they are denying that right to the rest of us.