Democrat Congressman Says US Should Deport All Russian Students

Imagine that rich people in Russia are so dumb, they pay a fortune to send their kids to places like this

Every Russian is a potential spy.

We can’t risk having spies among us, according to the guy who did sucky-sucky with Fang-Fang.

The College Fix:

Kicking Russian students out should be ‘on the table,’ Swalwell says

Congressman Eric Swalwell said that the deportation of Russian students should be “on the table” when it comes to retaliation against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. A fellow House Democrat agreed.

“On the table should be sanctioning Putin personally [and] completely taking them out of the European and international banking system” the California Democrat said. “Frankly, I think closing their embassy in the United States, kicking every Russian student out of the United States, those should all be on the table,” he told CNN on February 24.

Arizona Democratic Representative Ruben Gallego agreed with Swalwell’s idea.

“We are not living in normal times. These Russian students are the sons and daughters of the richest Russians,” Representative Gallego wrote on Twitter. “A strong message can be sent by sending them home. The world is condemning Russia.”

Frankly, this is yet another self-inflicted would.

It is ridiculous to imagine that Russia as a nation has benefited from the upper-middle class and rich of the country sending their children to these schools.

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