Dave Portnoy Accused of Rough Sex, Stocks Drop Massively

It’s been a while since we’ve had an old-fashioned rape hoax. I guess the last one was Andrew Cuomo.

Dave Portnoy is Jewish, of course. But he’s also kind of not that bad. Like, the most Jewish thing he does is promote gambling.

In a lot of cases, he’s been the only mainstream voice on an issue – most importantly, he’s spoken out against lockdowns and other things related to the virus hoax. Obviously, we’re well aware of the fact that Jews set themselves up to be the only voice on issues. But at some point, Big Jew doesn’t want any voice on issues. We’re pretty much at that point with all of the coronavirus stuff.

Publishing anonymous women accusing a man of crimes is just absurd and despicable, reminiscent of the height of the metoo hoax, when everyone famous was being targeted with these hoaxes. Furthermore, I don’t remember hearing “I had sex with him on purpose but it was too rough” ever before.

NBC News:

Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy denied sexual misconduct allegations published by Insider on Thursday, accusing the outlet of targeting him for a “hit piece.” 

Two women, who went by pseudonyms for fear of retaliation, accused Portnoy of turning sexual experiences violent and humiliatingaccording to Insider. Both women allege in the report that the incidents happened at Portnoy’s Nantucket home in the summer of 2020.

Portnoy posted two videos to Twitter on Thursday defending himself and denying the allegations, accusing Insider of drafting a “hit piece” against him. He also alleged that the reporter, Julia Black, sought out a predetermined narrative, “like the story was already written.”

“I’m scared because they’re asking for more. It’s like they’re asking the internet, ‘Tell us bad stories about Dave Portnoy,’” he said, adding that a lot of people hate him. “I guarantee this: they’ll never be able to prove anything. Nothing, because nothing’s ever happened. But I can’t stop a he said, she said.” 

In a statement to NBC News, Insider defended reporter Julia Black and said it stands by its reporting. The article began as an assignment in March to profile Portnoy but evolved following an allegation uncovered by the reporter, Insider said.

“Around mid-April, our reporter spoke with a woman about what she described as a frightening sexual encounter with Portnoy,” Insider said. “A draft was in the works by that point, but we decided we would be remiss to not explore further. We eventually heard from more women and the additional reporting led the article in a new and unexpected direction.”

NBC News has not independently verified the allegations reported by Insider.

You might be saying “well, he’s a right-wing media figure, so maybe this won’t affect him.”


The stock of his gaming company dropped by 21%.

I’m sure he was smart enough to maintain control of his media company, and he won’t be able to be fired from that. But he’s going to lose a lot of money on the gaming stuff (irony).

He’s a weird figure to assault with a rape hoax, but I think the point is to send a message that anyone who speaks out against the virus hoax will be hit with these rape hoax allegations.

As always, the solution to a botched hoax is more hoaxing.