Dallas: Racist Cops Stand with Privileged Gooks After Oppressed Blacks Do Mass Shooting on Korean Hair Salon

Maybe instead of condemning the black community for doing a mass shooting on white privileged Asian people, the Dallas government and cops should instead try to understand why blacks feel a need to shoot up the Asian hair salon?

Fox News:

After authorities initially ruled out hate as a possible motive behind a shooting incident at a Dallas hair salon this week, where three people were injured, a police chief said the incident may have been a hate crime.

Police Chief Eddie García announced Friday that the shooting at the Hair World Salon in Dallas Wednesday might have been racially motivated, the Dallas Morning News reported.

It may also be connected to two other race-related shootings in the city, according to the police chief.

On Thursday, Garcia said his office could “confidently say that hate was not a motivating factor” in the shooting but the office changed its view amid an “ongoing investigation and a consistent review of officer reports made by the department’s crime analysis unit.”

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson similarly addressed the possibility Wednesday’s shooting and the previous incidents may have been targeted attacks on the Asian American community.

Johnson called the incident “chilling and deeply disturbing” and said the city “stands with” the victims, who each suffered non-life-threatening injuries.

“I want our city’s Asian American community — which has appallingly faced increasing vitriol in recent years — to know that the City of Dallas and the people of Dallas stand with them,” the mayor said, the Dallas Morning News reported.

The suspect in Wednesday’s attack fled the scene in a red minivan, which is connected to two other drive-by shootings, including one the day before about 25 miles from the hair salon, Garcia said.

The other incident occurred on April 2, in the same area as the hair salon, he added.

The articles on this story don’t really seem to be capturing the weight of what actually happened.

A black guy with what appears to be an AK-47 ran up and opened fire on the hair salon.

They said he parked across the street, ran across the parking lot, entered the salon and opened fire.

NBC News, May 12:

The suspect, described as a Black male dressed in all black, walked into the business and started shooting, striking the three women, police said in a news release.

NBC Dallas Fort-Worth reports the salon is a Korean-owned business and all the victims — the owner, an employee and a customer — were Korean women.

It is nonsensical, based on the definitions of “hate crimes” that we’ve been given, that the cops would initially attempt to claim this did not fit their established definition of a “hate crime” – and the only reason they would do that is to try to cover it up and try to protect blacks.

Frankly, I don’t believe that anyone should be charged differently for shooting someone of a different race, and I believe that in general, “hate” is the only reason someone shoots someone else unprovoked, regardless of race. That said, when you see this story, it is immediately obvious on the face of it that this black just wanted to kill Asian people – presumably in revenge for perceived mistreatment by Asian convenience store owners.

You see, for a white person, if they feel they are unjustly yelled at and kicked out of a convenient store by an Asian, they are going to blame the specific individual who did that to them. However, a black is going to blame all Asian people as a “tribe.” So if the convenience store has bulletproof glass – as any Asian convenient store in a black neighborhood does – they will say “well, I will just get back at those slant-eyed bitches at the hair salon.”

Imagine if there had been a mass shooting at a Korean hair salon – with an “assault rifle” – where the shooter was not black. Just take a second and imagine that for a minute.

Obviously, if it had been a white shooter, the entire media would be exploding. The whole of the Abortion War would be put on hold for at least several days as the media claimed that QAnon Trump supporters think Korean people are Chinese and blame them for the coronavirus.

In fact, even if the shooter was a fellow Korean, this would be a major news story. But black people are always protected. Even though the media has had to admit this was a black, and now admit that it was racially targeted, the national TV media just doesn’t bother reporting on it.

I’ve been saying for a year or two that Asians are a kind of canary in the coal mine in terms of black violence. When you see blacks targeting Asians openly in mass shootings like this, it is very close to the point where they really start targeting whites. They are learning they can get away with all kinds of violent crime, and soon a sea change will happen where whites become the primary target of black violence.