Daily White Pill: First Joker Shooting Victims’ Families Outraged by Joker Violence

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2019

Today is the first installment of “Daily White Pill,” which is a new daily segment on the Daily Stormer where we introduce a piece of good news, AKA a “white pill” in the language of the youngsters.

Today’s piece of good news – or “white pill” – is that the families of the shooting victims of the 2012 Aurora Theater shooting are angry that “Joker” is so violent and Joaquin Phoenix doesn’t care.


Families of those killed while watching a Batman film in 2012 have written to Warner Bros with concerns about the new Joker film and urging the studio to join action against gun violence.

Twelve people died in a cinema showing The Dark Knight Rises in Colorado.

They included Jessica Ghawi, 24, whose mother Sandy Phillips told BBC News she was “horrified” by the Joker trailers.

Warner Bros said the film – which stars Joaquin Phoenix – was not an endorsement of real-world violence.

Phoenix walked out of a recent interview when asked about the issue.

Sandy Phillips and her husband, Lonnie, who run Survivors Empowered, an anti-gun violence group, wrote to Warner Bros along with three others whose relatives were killed, injured or caught up in the 2012 shooting.

Speaking to BBC News, Mrs Phillips said: “When I first saw the trailers of the movie, I was absolutely horrified.

“And then when I dug a little deeper and found out that it had such unnecessary violence in the movie, it just chilled me to my bones.

“It just makes me angry that a major motion picture company isn’t taking responsibility and doesn’t have the concern of the public at all.”

It’s obviously much more extreme than just not “taking responsibility” or “having concern.”

I said this as soon as I saw the first preview for the film – “this is obviously an attempt to incite terrorist acts by disenfranchised white men.”

It’s 100% obvious that you couldn’t do this without being aware that it’s going to inspire people in the same situation as the character to engage in violence. All the reviewers have said that the character is an oppressed incel who becomes a hero by committing mass murder and that the film is openly and unambiguously sympathetic towards him.

The Aurora shooting was proof of concept – Joker, who was always one of my personal favorite characters, can inspire mass murder.

The film director, Todd Phillips, is of course Armenian.

Sorry, I mean he’s Jewish.

I think he’s actually only half, but he looks like a straight-up Warsaw ghetto rabbi.

The reason this is a white pill is that while the Jews may believe an incel uprising is in their best interests… I personally do not believe that this is the case.

By inciting the gaming community, the Jews are playing with fire.

Remember that the last major gamer uprising, which took place in the 1930s in Germany, was a direct result of Jews obsessive-compulsively push-push-pushing on white people’s buttons.

It’s also very possible that this isn’t an organized Jewish conspiracy, but that Todd Philips personally just thinks it’s funny to incite incels into revolutionary mode.

So I mean – whatever – this is a film about a white man who is oppressed to the point that he just can’t take it anymore and then takes control of the situation.

Don’t overthink a gifthorse who’s licking your mouth.

Joker is clearly /ourguy/.

Joker is scheduled for release on October 3, 2019. Assuming whining women and Jews don’t have it banned.