Daily Stormer Official Statement on Future Coverage of the Biden/Trump/Ukraine/Impeachment Story

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 26, 2019

Dear Reader,

As the publisher of the Daily Stormer, one of the most respected publications of all time, if not perhaps the most respected, and certainly the most accurate and serious, I have made the decision not to cover the “Biden Trump Ukraine Impeach” story in any kind of great detail.

There are several reasons for this, which I will list in bulletpoint form. These are in no particular order.

  • This is not important, it is inane and nonsensical, and I believe reading about it makes people dumber.
  • I write most of the articles on this website myself, so I am not simply concerned about causing my readers to become dumber, but also about making myself dumber by following this story too closely.
  • I followed the Russiagate Kookspiracy very closely, and was not rewarded personally for this. I was also not rewarded professionally. I do not believe that a single source has credited me with being the only English language outlet to closely cover that scandal with accuracy. I also do not think my readers appreciated it or benefited from it. It would have been easier to simply say “this is all just bullshit” and left it at that. Because in the end, that is what we all learned anyway.
  • Following this closely, and spending time writing about it, not only harms my personal wellbeing, but takes away from my ability to follow and write about other stories.
  • There is nothing that can be learned from this, it is simply a soap opera drama. And nothing will change because of it. It is simply a necessary step in the ongoing fake outrage of the Democrats against the Republicans – something that is fed on as much by Republicans as it is by Democrats.

If you are particularly interested in this story, I will advise you to follow it at Breitbart.com, where they will I’m quite certain have endless coverage of it, most of which being generally accurate. I am not vouching for them, but it is simply my impression that their reporting is generally accurate when it comes to these absurd political scandals. At the very least, they are much more accurate than any other news outlet. I myself will personally be keeping up to date on this drama by reading Breitbart.

I also want to make it clear I am not issuing a complete moratorium on any and all coverage of anything relating to this piece of political theater. I am sure there are funny things that will happen that I will want to report on. I’m also sure that there will be very Jewish things that I will want to report on, given that the entire witch hunt is being run by the Jews Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, and that it is also all Jews on the Ukrainian side of things.

I will also surely publish some longer insight pieces with regards to the bigger picture as developments unfold.

All I am saying here is that I refuse to give play by play updates on the “he said, she said” soap opera drama of it in the way that the rest of the media is, as I believe that this is a waste of both my time and yours.

Thank you,

Andrew Anglin