Daily Stormer Now Live on DailyStormer.cn – Spread the Word!

The site is officially back on the normie web at dailystormer.cn.

All of you Tor users should spread this around.

Also, continue to spread the Tor site:


Remember that if you can’t figure out how to use Tor on Brave, you can always download the Tor Browser.

I’m feeling good about this dot cn, but there is huge pressure now, because of the fact I am one of the only people with a big audience dissecting these various stupid atrocity hoaxes in the Ukraine, so nothing is certain.

So, we’ll pray for the best. Getting back up on Palm Sunday has a lot of different implications, I think.

Whatever happens, I will keep writing. That Tor site will always be up, even if we end up totally removed from the normie web. It’s not a big deal at all to download Tor Browser, it’s very easy to use on Windows, Mac, Linux and Android. The only thing it doesn’t work on is iOS (there are options for that, but they keep changing).

It’s frustrating, but it is out of my control, and the only thing I can do is the best I can do. So there is no reason to be upset. I will just keep doing the right thing. The rest is in God’s hands.