Czech Minister Says Hungary on the Verge of Being Kicked Out of the EU

There was always a collision course type situation going on between Orban and the EU. I always thought it’d be Orban to blink, which is why I’ve been so critical of him for the last 8 years or whatever it’s been.

But if he manages to escape the EU with all of their welfare money and join the Russian side, he will be one of the trickiest politicians of the modern era.


Hungary’ stance on Russia and the conflict in Ukraine could potentially see it exiting the EU, the Czech European affairs minister has warned.

The EU is “a unity of many voices” that always finds common ground despite any disputes, Mikulas Bek told Cesky Rozhlas Plus radio on Thursday.

Negotiations are often tough in the EU, and many countries could engage in them. But Hungary, in my opinion, has come a long way, reaching the edge an abyss, and now it has to decide whether to go back from that edge or risk a jump, the consequences of which I don’t even want to speculate on,” the minister said.

On the prospects of Budapest leaving the EU altogether, Bek said it’s theoretically possible.

Budapest has remained relatively neutral since the launch of Moscow’s military operation in Ukraine in late February, and refused to send weapons to Kiev unlike many of its neighbors. It has been critical of the EU sanctions against Russia, calling them ill-conceived and self-defeating. Hungary, which is heavily dependent on Russian energy, is exempt from the bloc-wide ban on Russian oil.

Hungary, like all of the rest of the Eastern European countries, joined the EU after the fall of communism because the EU was handing out free money. It was a deal no one could refuse.

But these EU values of gay man-on-man anal ramming/rimming, women controlling everything, flooding the place with blacks – this has never really lined up with the values of Eastern Europe.

It’s now more profitable, as a smaller country, to ally with Russia. The US sanctions have made that a reality. Hungary is the only one of these countries with a decent right-wing leader who is not completely obsessed with hating Russia, but if Hungary does actually leave the EU and profits from it, that would put a lot of pressure on the rest of the Eastern leaders, where the population is being told to #FreezeForUkraine.

It’s good to ponder the map, as much of this calculus has to do with contiguous land mass.

If you’re totally surrounded by enemy states, you’re in a difficult position. However, Hungary shares a border with pro-Russian Serbia.

Romania doesn’t really ever do anything. They are nominally anti-Russia, but they are not total lunatics like the Poles or the Baltic peoples. Romania has made a shit ton of money off of the EU, and not really ended up with many immigrants, so they’re just riding it out.

Ultimately, everyone is going to have to choose a side, and Hungary seems to have chosen a side.