Crisis Averted: NASA Renames Nazi Asteroid to Avoid Hurting Jew Feels

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2019

Thank God this deeply anti-Semitic asteroid was neutralized before it could do any more harm.

An anti-Semitic incident of… interplanetary scope was narrowly averted by the brave heroes at NASA, who identified a profoundly problematic astral body ripe for revision.

Unfortunately, they couldn’t manage to give it the “Pluto treatment,” downgrading its designation from “trans-Neptunian object” to “vile space debris.” But at least they changed the name and saved the day.

Jewish Daily Forward:

NASA has renamed the most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft after it was criticized for calling it by a name with Nazi connotations.

It will now be called Arrokoth, which means “sky” in the Native American Powhatan language.

Yeah. That’s much more progressive.

I’m sure the numerous native Americans working at NASA came up with that one.

The trans-Neptunian object’s official designation is 2014 MU69, but NASA scientists considered some 34,000 names as part of a public competition in 2017 before calling the icy rock object Ultima Thule.

Ultima Thule comes from classical and medieval literature and means any distant place located beyond the “borders of the known world.” But NASA apparently did not realize that Ultima Thule [pronounced TOO-leh) was a term used by the forerunners of the Nazi Party and is still used by some extreme right groups as part of their mythology.

In Germany, extreme right occultists believed in a historical Thule, also called Hyperborea, as the ancient homeland of the Aryan race. The Thule Society, founded in 1918 around this and other occultist beliefs, later became the Nazi Party.

The new official name, which was ratified by the International Astronomical Union, was announced in a ceremony Tuesday at NASA headquarters, AFP reported.

As ever, according to Jews, it doesn’t matter if a concept or symbol has thousands of years of history; if it ever had anything to do with Nazis, it has to go.

Nazi temple.

Nazi salute.

Nazi space rock.

Oh, and I wonder who it was that complained to NASA about this stupid rock’s name in the first place, huh?



It was the same kikes who whined about the name initially, who are now celebrating the fact that the stupid goyim have pathetically groveled at their feet and done their bidding.

These Jews are even underlining the fact that “Ultima Thule” is an ancient European concept, and that the name is very apt for the object in question. That makes it all the more satisfying for them when they succeed in pressuring our institutions to drop the name.

It’s ritual Jewish humiliation.

They’re asserting their divine right, provided by Yahweh/Moloch, to determine for the goyim what symbols and what parts of their history they’re allowed to preserve and celebrate.

Well, the good goys at NASA are still following their directions, because these people are terrified of losing their highly paid positions.

Remember, this NASA guy was fired for wearing a shirt.

But the rest of us have had enough of these nosy kikes arrogantly telling us what to think.

I, for one, will continue calling the space rock “Ultima Thule.”