Crimes of Flirting: Two Italian Soldiers on Trial for Cat-Calling and Wolf-Whistling

The horror…

How is it that we are at the point where we are so against normal sex – “breeding,” we call it – that white countries are literally arresting men for flirting with women?


Two Italian army soldiers go on trial in Milan May 13 for cat-calling a 20-year-old woman in the Lombardy capital last year, sources said Tuesday.

The soldiers, who have been transferred from the barracks they were serving at and suspended from duty, are charged with hurling insults and sexually aggressive expressions at the woman for at least three times in the same afternoon.

Cat-calling and wolf-whistling were recently added to the Italian criminal code.

What is even going on? This is happening at the same time they’re teaching anal rimjobs to five-year-olds.