Cops Release Video of Dumb Bitch Getting Decked Out by BBG Cop

I don’t think anyone has any problem with cops punching women. If all the cops did all day was punch women, they’d be the most popular group in America.

The problem with the cops is all the non-woman punching activities they are involved in.

New York Post:

The woman who got decked by an NYPD detective during a fracas in Harlem shoved and slapped the cop before he slugged her in the face, according to a compilation of bodycam recordings released by the department Thursday.

The first clip, which was shot from the side and lasts just 19 seconds, shows Tamani Crum, 19, scuffling with uniformed Detective Kendo Kinsey before he knocks her to the sidewalk with a devastating blow during the controversial incident in Harlem Tuesday afternoon.

The second clip, which appears to come from Kinsey’s camera and lasts 60 seconds, shows him approaching the scene on West 136th Street near Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Boulevard where the NYPD said cops were arresting Elvin James, 22, on an attempted murder charge around 4:45 p.m.

As cops surrounded the handcuffed suspect, Crum rushed up, shouting, “What’s the problem?,” according to the video.

Kinsey attempted to grab Crum’s left arm but she pulled free, after which he grabbed her again and yanked her away, the video shows.

“Don’t f–king touch me!” Crum screamed while shoving Kinsey with her right hand.

Kinsey then shoved Crum back by pushing against her throat with the crook of his hand, prompting her to slap the cop.

“Get offa me!” she said.

Kinsey responded with what appears to be a right cross that sent Crum flying backward — to the astonishment of several bystanders who said, “Oh!”

In a statement accompanying the video compilation posted on YouTube, the NYPD said the incident took place while cops from the 32nd Precinct were arresting someone who “was carrying in his waistband an illegal, loaded semiautomatic Polymer 80 handgun, known as a ‘ghost gun.’”

For sure that bitch had it coming, but listen – they’ve all got it coming. The cops could go around decking bitches in their mouths and laying them out with assurance that they’ve got it coming. Because all women have a straight-up knock-out coming.

I’ll tell you what – I love this video.


Dumb bitch.

Shut up.

Get out the damn way.

Stupid hoe.

It’s a black cop what done it.

Nigga be like “bitch, get up off it. Nasty ass hoe. We ain’t for you.”

Cops send me emails like “oh, Anglin, why you always ragging on the cops?” Well, officer, if you want to be more popular with people, here’s a very simple solution: punch women in the face.