Company Builds Robot That Can Do Manicures in 10 Minutes

This video is a good reminder of why America needs to import ten billion Mexicans as soon as possible

I like pho bo, but let’s be real here – 99% of Vietnamese immigrants come to do nails.

A nail-doing robot makes most Vietnamese immigration obsolete.

If we could make a robot to run heroin and prostitution gangs, we could make Somalian and other Islamic immigration obsolete as well.


A California robot creation, now in Texas, offers faster and cheaper manicures.

The Clockwork “Mini-cure” is a robot that uses 3D cameras to photograph a person’s nails. Afterwards, its artificial intelligence quickly paints them, KHOU 11 reported Monday.

According to Clockwork’s Chief Marketing Officer Mara McCune, it takes the robot 10 minutes to do the job, and the cost is under $10.

However, McCune claimed it was not a competition against traditional nail salons, because so many people wanted the extra services offered.

“There is a huge demand for people who still want to go to the salon, get pampered, get their nails shaped and filed and cuticles pushed back, and there’s a role for that,” McCune continued. “And we think we can live alongside them for a fast manicure. That is a different experience. And so we see us partnering with nail salons and really being able to live simultaneously.”

In 2018, Jack in the Box CEO Leonard Comma said “it just makes sense” to replace humans working in the food service industry with robots as the minimum wage rose, Breitbart News reported at the time:

This year, the minimum wage is increasing in 18 states, including Jack in the Box’s home state of California, where a $15 minimum wage will be implemented.

Eventually, all human workers at fast food restaurants could be replaced, with Momentum Machines raising $18 million for their robot-powered restaurant, which includes a robot that can produce over 400 hamburgers an hour, last year.

In addition, burger-flipping robots were offering their services to restaurants for $3 an hour, the outlet reported in February 2020.

“Miso Robotics’ machine named Flippy is ‘the world’s first autonomous robotic kitchen assistant that can learn from its surroundings and acquire new skills over time,’ according to the company’s website,” the article read.

Mexicans are getting replaced left and right by robots.

Meet Flippy.

But seriously.

Most people are being replaced by robots.

This is a complicated issue.

But it definitely means we don’t need any more low IQ brown immigrants. At all. Like, we need fewer of them. We need a least 100 million fewer brown people. That is just as a practical matter, which does not speak to the larger issue of the direction of our society as a whole.