Colored Gent Gets 40 Years for Killing Girlfriend of Man Who Owed Him a Drug Debt

Anthony Kitchenakow.

One of the many downsides to getting involved with drugs is that doing so invariably puts you in close proximity to large numbers of ruthless and homicidal darkies.


It’s been three years since a woman was shot and killed outside her Bellevue home. On Thursday, the man convicted of pulling the trigger was sentenced to almost 50 years in state custody, including 40 years in prison.

Anthony Kitchenakow, 47, was initially charged with 1st Degree Intentional Homicide in the death of Suzette Langlois. As part of an Alford Plea, Kitchenakow was convicted of a lesser charge of 1st Degree Reckless Homicide.

An Alford Plea is when a defendant does not admit guilt but acknowledges there would be enough evidence for a jury to find him guilty at trial.

At Kitchenakow’s sentencing, Langlois’ fiance read an emotional statement to the court, saying her family and friends “all got a life sentence of pain and loss that will never be paroled.”

Langlois’ stepdaughter said 40 years isn’t even close to a fair trade for a life without Langlois.

On Aug. 29, 2016, Suzette Langlois was found shot to death in the driveway of her home at 3020 Manitowoc Road in Bellevue. A deputy found a handgun magazine on the driver’s seat of Langlois’s car. He also found shell casings in the vehicle.

Investigators learned that Langlois’ boyfriend owed Kitchenakow a drug debt, and that was believed to be the motive behind the shooting. Investigators said Langlois, 52, was the target to scare her boyfriend.

In Sept. 2018, the Wisconsin State Crime Lab received a DNA hit from the gun magazine. The DNA matched Kitchenakow, according to a criminal complaint.

Suzette Langlois.